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QMacStyle Class Reference
QtGui module]

The QMacStyle class provides a Mac OS X style using the Apple Appearance Manager. More...

 #include <QMacStyle>

Inherits QWindowsStyle.

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Detailed Description

The QMacStyle class provides a Mac OS X style using the Apple Appearance Manager.

This class is implemented as a wrapper to the HITheme APIs, allowing applications to be styled according to the current theme in use on Mac OS X. This is done by having primitives in QStyle implemented in terms of what Mac OS X would normally theme.

Warning: This style is only available on Mac OS X because it relies on the HITheme APIs.

There are additional issues that should be taken into consideration to make an application compatible with the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Some of these issues are outlined below.

There are other issues that need to be considered in the feel of your application (including the general color scheme to match the Aqua colors). The Guidelines mentioned above will remain current with new advances and design suggestions for Mac OS X.

Note that the functions provided by QMacStyle are reimplementations of QStyle functions; see QStyle for their documentation.

See also QWindowsXPStyle, QWindowsStyle, QPlastiqueStyle, QCDEStyle, and QMotifStyle.

Member Type Documentation

enum QMacStyle::FocusRectPolicy

This type is used to signify a widget's focus rectangle policy.

QMacStyle::FocusEnabled0show a focus rectangle when the widget has focus.
QMacStyle::FocusDisabled1never show a focus rectangle for the widget.
QMacStyle::FocusDefault2show a focus rectangle when the widget has focus and the widget is a QSpinWidget, QDateTimeEdit, QLineEdit, QListBox, QListView, editable QTextEdit, or one of their subclasses.

enum QMacStyle::WidgetSizePolicy


Member Function Documentation

QMacStyle::QMacStyle ()

Constructs a QMacStyle object.

QMacStyle::~QMacStyle ()   [virtual]

Destructs a QMacStyle object.

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