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QMailAccountMessageSet Class Reference

The QMailAccountMessageSet class represents a set of messages corresponding to the content of a QMailAccount. More...

    #include <QMailAccountMessageSet>

This class is under development and is subject to change.

Inherits QMailMessageSet.

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Detailed Description

The QMailAccountMessageSet class represents a set of messages corresponding to the content of a QMailAccount.

QMailAccountMessageSet provides a representation for a named subset of messages, specified by their parent QMailAccount.

If the QMailAccountMessageSet is hierarchical(), then any folders contained by the account will automatically be managed as child QMailFolderMessageSets of the parent QMailAccountMessageSet.

Member Function Documentation

QMailAccountMessageSet::QMailAccountMessageSet ( QMailMessageSetContainer * container, const QMailAccountId & accountId, bool hierarchical = true )

Constructs a QMailAccountMessageSet within the parent container container, whose message set is defined by the content of the QMailAccount identified by accountId. If hierarchical is true, the message set will automatically maintain a set of child QMailFolderMessageSets corresponding to QMailFolders whose parentAccountId is accountId, and whose parentId is empty.

QMailAccountId QMailAccountMessageSet::accountId () const

Returns the identifier of the QMailAccount associated with this message set.

QMailMessageKey QMailAccountMessageSet::contentKey ( const QMailAccountId & id, bool descendants )   [static]

Returns the message key that defines the content of a QMailAccountMessageSet for the account identified by id. If descendants is true, then the result is the key that defines the descendantMessageKey() content.

void QMailAccountMessageSet::createChild ( const QMailFolderId & childId )   [virtual protected]

Creates a message set object for the folder identified by childId, and appends it to this object.

Override this function to specialize the type created for child nodes.

QMailMessageKey QMailAccountMessageSet::descendantsMessageKey () const   [virtual]

Returns the QMailMessageKey that selects the messages beneath the configured account in the hierarchy.

Reimplemented from QMailMessageSet.

QString QMailAccountMessageSet::displayName () const   [virtual]

Returns the display name of the account that this message set represents.

Reimplemented from QMailMessageSet.

See also QMailAccount::accountName().

bool QMailAccountMessageSet::hierarchical () const

Returns true if this message set automatically maintains a hierarchy of child folder message sets.

QMailMessageKey QMailAccountMessageSet::messageKey () const   [virtual]

Returns the QMailMessageKey that selects the messages contained by the configured account.

Reimplemented from QMailMessageSet.

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