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QMediaEngine Class Reference

The QMediaEngine class is a base class to be used in the creation of a Media Engine. More...

    #include <QMediaEngine>

This class is under development and is subject to change.

Inherits QObject.

Public Functions

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QMediaEngine class is a base class to be used in the creation of a Media Engine.

The QMediaEngine is a base class for Media Engines within the Media Server. To create a Media Engine capable of playing content with the system, QMediaEngine should be subclassed and the functions implemented.

See also QMediaEngineFactory.

Member Function Documentation

QMediaEngine::~QMediaEngine ()   [virtual]

Destruct a QMediaEngine.

QMediaEngineInformation const * QMediaEngine::engineInformation ()   [pure virtual]

Return information about this Media Engine.

See also QMediaEngineInformation.

void QMediaEngine::initialize ()   [pure virtual]

This function is called before any other function on the Media Engine, it is an opportunity to perform any initialisation required by the Media Engine.

void QMediaEngine::resume ()   [pure virtual]

The resume() function is called only after a suspend() has been issued. The Engine should reallocate any resources freed during the suspend(). Both resume() and suspend() should be light calls not requiring significat time to execute.

void QMediaEngine::start ()   [pure virtual]

This function is called to start the Media Engine. After the call to this function it is expected that the Media Engine is in a state such that any of its QMediaSessionBuilders are able to create sessions.

See also QMediaSessionBuilder.

void QMediaEngine::stop ()   [pure virtual]

This function is called to stop the Media Engine. After the call to stop the Media Engine will no longer actively participate in the Media Server. Most resources should be freed at this time. Including resources such as unix devices, files, threads and temporary storage related to the Media Engines state.

void QMediaEngine::suspend ()   [pure virtual]

This function is called when the Media Engine is going to be suspended. Typically the Media Engine should only release resources that are cheaply reallocated. The Media Engine must give up access to any unix device in this call.

The suspend() function can be called when another engine needs access to a device or optionally when a timeout is reached, the length of the timeout is provided by the QMediaEngineInformation class.

See also QMediaEngineInformation.

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