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QMediaEngineInformation Class Reference

The QMediaEngineInformation class is a base class used to provide information about a Media Engine. More...

    #include <QMediaEngineInformation>

This class is under development and is subject to change.

Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QMediaEngineInformation class is a base class used to provide information about a Media Engine.

Media Engines derive a class from QMediaEngineInformation to provide information about the Engine to the Media Server

        class Info : public QMediaEngineInformation
                // do stuff, make sessionbuilders

            ~Info() {}

            QString name() const { return "Example"; }
            QString version() const { return "1.0.0"; }

            int idleTime() const return { 10 * 1000; }  // 10 seconds

            QMediaSessionBuilderList sessionBuilders() const { return m_sessionBuilderList; }

            QMediaSessionBuilderList    m_sessionBuilderList;

Member Function Documentation

QMediaEngineInformation::~QMediaEngineInformation ()   [virtual]

Destruct a QMediaEngineInformation.

bool QMediaEngineInformation::hasExclusiveDeviceAccess () const   [pure virtual]

Returns true if the engine uses a audio output device that is not able to be shared with other engines or processes.

int QMediaEngineInformation::idleTime () const   [pure virtual]

Return the number of milliseconds before the engine should be suspended. Suspension based on idle time is optional, a value of -1 will indicate to the Media Server that this Engine should never be suspended based on a timeout.

QString QMediaEngineInformation::name () const   [pure virtual]

Returns the name of the Media Engine.

QMediaSessionBuilderList QMediaEngineInformation::sessionBuilders () const   [pure virtual]

Return the list of QMediaSessionBuilders that are used by this Engine. The Media Server uses the type of the builders to appropriately route session creation requests to Media Engines.

See also QMediaSessionBuilder.

QString QMediaEngineInformation::version () const   [pure virtual]

Returns the version string of the Media Engine.

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