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QModemSMSReader Class Reference

The QModemSMSReader class provides SMS reading facilities for AT-based modems. More...

    #include <QModemSMSReader>

Inherits QSMSReader.

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Detailed Description

The QModemSMSReader class provides SMS reading facilities for AT-based modems.

This class uses the AT+CPMS, AT+CMGL, AT+CMGR, AT+CMGD, AT+CNMI, and AT+CMGF commands from 3GPP TS 27.005.

QModemSMSReader implements the QSMSReader telephony interface. Client applications should use QSMSReader instead of this class to access the modem's incoming SMS message store.

See also QSMSReader.

Member Function Documentation

QModemSMSReader::QModemSMSReader ( QModemService * service )

Create a new modem-based SMS request object for service.

QModemSMSReader::~QModemSMSReader ()

Destroy this modem-based SMS request object.

QString QModemSMSReader::messageListCommand () const   [virtual protected]

Returns the command that lists the contents of an SMS message store. Normally this is AT+CMGL=4, but some modems do not support the =4.

See also messageStore().

QString QModemSMSReader::messageStore () const   [virtual protected]

Returns the name of the SMS message store to scan for incoming messages. The default implementation returns SM. If this function returns an empty string, then the message store will not be changed from the modem's power-on default with an AT+CPMS command.

See also messageListCommand().

void QModemSMSReader::simDownload ( const QSMSMessage & message )   [virtual protected]

Process a SIM download message from the network. Modem vendor plug-ins should override this and send the message back to the SIM.

Normally SIM download messages are processed internally by the modem. This function is only called if the message ends up in the incoming SMS message store.

The default implementation composes a SMS-PP DOWNLOAD envelope, according to 3GPP TS 11.14, and sends it to the modem using the AT+CSIM command.

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