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QPhoneStatus Class Reference

The QPhoneStatus class provides basic status information about the phone. More...

    #include <QPhoneStatus>

Inherits QObject.

Public Types

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Detailed Description

The QPhoneStatus class provides basic status information about the phone.

This class provides the most commonly needed information for presentation on a secondary display. The Qt Extended phone library can be used to retrieve complete telephony status information.

A value can be queried using the QPhoneStatus::value() function. Whenever a status item changes the QPhoneStatus::statusChanged() signal is emitted.

See Tutorial: Dual Screen Display for more information on programming for secondary displays.

Member Type Documentation

enum QPhoneStatus::StatusItem

QPhoneStatus::BatteryLevel1battery charge level (0-100)
QPhoneStatus::SignalLevel2phone signal level (0-100)
QPhoneStatus::MissedCalls3the number of calls missed
QPhoneStatus::NewMessages4the number of new messages
QPhoneStatus::ActiveCalls5the number of active calls
QPhoneStatus::OperatorName100the name of the operator
QPhoneStatus::Profile101the profile currently in use
QPhoneStatus::Roaming200true if currently roaming
QPhoneStatus::Locked201true if the phone is locked
QPhoneStatus::Alarm202true if the daily alarm is active
QPhoneStatus::CallDivert203true if call diversion is enabled
QPhoneStatus::NetworkRegistered204true if a network is registered
QPhoneStatus::VoIPRegistered205true if a VoIP network is registered
QPhoneStatus::Presence206true if presence is available

Member Function Documentation

QPhoneStatus::QPhoneStatus ( QObject * parent )

Constructs a QPhoneStatus object with parent parent.

QPhoneStatus::~QPhoneStatus ()

Destroys the QPhoneStatus object.

void QPhoneStatus::incomingCall ( const QString & number, const QString & name )   [signal]

This signal is emitted when an incoming call arrives. The number and name parameters indicate the incoming call's known properties. They may be empty if the property is unknown (e.g. caller-id information is not available).

void QPhoneStatus::statusChanged ()   [signal]

This signal is emitted whenever any of the status information changes.

See also value().

QVariant QPhoneStatus::value ( StatusItem item )

Returns the value of status item item. If no status is available for the requested item an invalid value is returned.

See also statusChanged().

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