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QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterface Class Reference

The QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterface class defines the interface to multiplexing plugins. More...

    #include <QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterface>

Inherited by QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPlugin.

Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterface class defines the interface to multiplexing plugins.

Multiplexer plug-ins will typically inherit from QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPlugin rather than this class. This class defines the abstract interface for plug-ins, whereas QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPlugin implements most of the functionality for a plug-in, except for the parts that are specific to the plug-in in question.

See the Tutorial: Writing a Multiplexer Plug-in for more information on how to write a multiplexer plug-in.

See also QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPlugin and QSerialIODeviceMultiplexer.

Member Function Documentation

QSerialIODeviceMultiplexer * QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterface::create ( QSerialIODevice * device )   [pure virtual]

Create a multiplexer handler around device. This will be called only if detect() returns true.

See also forceGsm0710Stop() and detect().

bool QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterface::detect ( QSerialIODevice * device )   [pure virtual]

Issue commands to detect if this plug-in can provide multiplexing for device. Returns true if multiplexing is possible, or false if not. The plug-in can use QSerialIODeviceMultiplexer::chat() to simplify the issuing of commands.

See also create() and QSerialIODeviceMultiplexer::chat().

bool QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterface::forceGsm0710Stop ()   [pure virtual]

Returns true if the caller should force an existing GSM 07.10 session to stop before calling detect(). The default implementation returns false. This is typcially needed for plugins that issue the AT+CMUX command in their detect() function.

See also detect() and create().

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