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QSignalSourceProvider Class Reference

The QSignalSourceProvider class provides an interface for signal sources to integrate into Qtopia. More...

    #include <QSignalSourceProvider>

Inherits QSignalSource.

Inherited by DefaultSignal.

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Detailed Description

The QSignalSourceProvider class provides an interface for signal sources to integrate into Qtopia.

Signal sources are components that provide radio signal details to Qtopia. A signal source could be an internal modem monitoring the GSM/3G network signal or a wireless LAN interface on VoIP devices. QSignalSource allows applications to query the status of such signals.

Every device wanting to publish a new signal source should create a QSignalSourceProvider instance. This will create a new signal source in Qt Extended which can be accessed via the QSignalSource class. The setAvailability() function should be used to determine the general availability and setSignalStrength() should be called when indicating the exact strength of the signal as a percentage of the maximum strength.

The following code creates a signal source for a PCMCIA based WLAN card which has a signal strength of 80% of its maximum value.

    QSignalSourceProvider* provider = new QSignalSourceProvider( "wlan", "pcmciaCard" );
    provider->setSignalStrength( 80 );
    provider->setAvailability( QSignalSource::Available );

See also QSignalSource and DefaultSignal.

Member Function Documentation

QSignalSourceProvider::QSignalSourceProvider ( const QString & type, const QString & id, QObject * parent = 0 )

Creates a new QSignalSourceProvider with the given type, id and parent. The constructed provider immediately becomes visible to Qt Extended as NotAvailable signal source.

See also QSignalSource.

QSignalSourceProvider::~QSignalSourceProvider ()   [virtual]

Destroys the QSignalSourceProvider instance and removes information about the signal source from Qtopia.

void QSignalSourceProvider::setAvailability ( QSignalSource::Availability availability )   [slot]

Sets the availability of the signal source.

See also QSignalSource.

void QSignalSourceProvider::setSignalStrength ( int strength )   [slot]

Sets the signal source strength as a percentage of the maximum strength. If the signal strength is not available strength should be set to -1.

See also QSignalSource.

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