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Qt Bluetooth Module

The Qt Bluetooth module offers a Bluetooth API and common Bluetooth profile implementations. It is based on the Base module.

The following configure line can be used to build the Base and Bluetooth module only:

    ./configure -modules bluetooth -device xyz

Note that not specifying a device profile would result in the reference device being build. The -bluetooth option is equivalent to the -modules cell option.

Feature description

The Qt Extended Bluetooth support is based on Bluez. The provided Bluetooth API's function as a wrapper around Bluez and allow direct manipulation of Bluetooth devices. In addition the Bluetooth Service Management Framework can be used to create arbitrary Bluetooth service. Most profile implementations are based on this framework and the more generic classes mentioned earlier.

Device and service ControlThe device and service control classes provide the most basic set of classes for arbitrary Bluetooth development:
Bluetooth profilesThis module supports a variety of Bluetooth profiles. Please check the Bluetooth documentation for the list of supported profiles.
General file transfer user interfaceA server task monitors transfer operations and shows a status widget while the transfer is in progress. This feature is shared with various Infrared transfer protocols.

Software components

The Bluetooth module includes the following software components:

The exact list of components included in this module can be found in $QPEDIR/src/module_bluetooth.pri.

The test plan for the Bluetooth module summarizes the Quality Assurance procedures for this module. The results of these test are available here.

The following table contains all classes and services which are part of this module:

BluetoothFileSendServiceRuns a BluetoothPush service and provides updates regarding the progress of each file transfer request that is sent through the service
BluetoothObexPushServiceRuns a Bluetooth OBEX Object Push server and provides notifications of received requests and their status
BluetoothPasskeyAgentTaskDefault passkey agent for performing Bluetooth passkey authentications
BluetoothPushThe BluetoothPush service
BluetoothServiceManagerControls Bluetooth services
BtDialupServiceTaskServer side support for the Bluetooth DUN profile
BtFtpServiceTaskServer side support for the Bluetooth FTP profile
BtHandsfreeServiceTaskImplementation of the Bluetooth Handsfree Service
BtHeadsetServiceTaskThe Bluetooth Headset Service
BtPowerServiceTaskThe BtPowerService
BtSerialServiceTaskServer side support for the Bluetooth Serial profile
DefaultObexPushServiceOBEX Push server
FileTransferTaskInterface to receive notifications about file transfer operations
FileTransferWindowShown while the Qt Extended server performs a file transfer
ObexPushRequestSenderConvenience methods for sending a variety of OBEX Push requests and also provides updates regarding the progress of each request
QAbstractCommDeviceManagerManages power state of a communications device
QAudioContainer for miscellaneous Audio functionality
QAudioElementManages an element of the audio mixer
QAudioInputInterface to read raw audio data from a microphone input
QAudioInterfaceWay of managing access to the audio system
QAudioMixerWay of accessing the audio systems mixer controls
QAudioOutputInterface for sending live audio samples to the default audio output device
QAudioStateEncapsulates an audio device state
QAudioStateConfigurationDefines a read-only view to the current audio device configuration
QAudioStateInfoPoint of access to information about an audio state
QAudioStateManagerManages QAudioStatePlugin objects
QAudioStatePluginWay of managing the underlying audio system
QBluetoothContains miscellaneous Bluetooth functionality
QBluetoothAbstractServerRepresents an abstract Bluetooth server socket
QBluetoothAbstractServiceBase interface class for Bluetooth services within Qtopia
QBluetoothAbstractSocketRepresents an abstract Bluetooth client socket
QBluetoothAddressRepresents a bluetooth address
QBluetoothAudioGatewayInterface to a Bluetooth Audio Gateway
QBluetoothAuthorizationAgentRepresents an authorization proxy
QBluetoothHandsfreeAudioGatewayServerImplements the Bluetooth handsfree service Audio Gateway interface
QBluetoothHandsfreeCommInterfaceQt Extended IPC interface to the Handsfree Audio Gateway profile implementation
QBluetoothHandsfreeServiceImplements Bluetooth Handsfree Audio Gateway profile
QBluetoothHeadsetAudioGatewayServerImplements the Bluetooth headset service Audio Gateway interface
QBluetoothHeadsetCommInterfaceQt Extended IPC interface to the Headset Audio Gateway profile implementation
QBluetoothHeadsetServiceImplements Bluetooth Headset Audio Gateway profile
QBluetoothL2CapDatagramSocketRepresents an L2CAP Datagram Socket
QBluetoothL2CapServerRepresents an L2CAP server socket
QBluetoothL2CapSocketRepresents an L2CAP client socket
QBluetoothLocalDeviceRepresents a local bluetooth device
QBluetoothLocalDeviceManagerAccess to local Bluetooth devices
QBluetoothPasskeyAgentRepresents a passkey entry proxy
QBluetoothPasskeyRequestEncapsulates a Bluetooth PIN request
QBluetoothRemoteDeviceRepresents a remote bluetooth device
QBluetoothRemoteDeviceDialogAllows the user to perform a bluetooth device discovery and select a particular device
QBluetoothRemoteDeviceDialogFilterFilter on the devices that are displayed by a QBluetoothRemoteDeviceDialog
QBluetoothReplyWrapper object that contains a reply, and an error indicator
QBluetoothRfcommSerialPortRepresents a RFCOMM serial port device
QBluetoothRfcommServerRepresents an RFCOMM server socket
QBluetoothRfcommSocketRepresents an RFCOMM client socket
QBluetoothScoServerRepresents a SCO server socket
QBluetoothScoSocketRepresents an SCO client socket
QBluetoothSdpAlternativeConvenience wrapper used in QBluetoothSdpRecord
QBluetoothSdpQueryEncapsulates operations performed by the SDAP profile
QBluetoothSdpQueryResultEncapsulates a result of an SDAP query
QBluetoothSdpRecordRepresents a bluetooth SDP record
QBluetoothSdpSequenceConvenience wrapper used in QBluetoothSdpRecord
QBluetoothSdpUuidEncapsulates Unique Identifiers defined and used by the Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol
QBluetoothSerialPortServiceBluetooth service implementation for the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
QBluetoothServiceControllerMeans to control and access information for Qt Extended Bluetooth services
QtopiaNetworkServerManages all network interfaces
QtopiaPrinterInterfaceThe minimum interface to various printers
QtopiaPrinterPluginAbstract base for QtopiaPrinterInterface plug-ins
SessionedObexClientBase implementation for performing an OBEX Put request inside of a device session for a particular hardware device
VolumeControlTaskTask that manages services related to Media in Qt Extended This class is used to manage media related facilities in Qtopia. It watches media key events and forwards them to the appropriate party
VolumeDialogTaskVolume dialog that gives feedback on volume changes

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