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Qt Essentials Module

The Qt Essentials module offers common applications which can be found on most devices. It is based on the Base module.

The following configure line can be used to build the Base and Essentials module only:

    ./configure -modules essentials -device xyz

Note that not specifying a device profile would result in the reference device being build.

Feature description

This module is a selection of mostly applications. It is assumed that almost every type of device will include a subset of these applications:

CalculatorThe Calculator allows the four basic math operations. The user interface depends on whether the target device is primarily touchscreen or keypad based.
CameraThe Camera application allows the user to take photos and videos using an integrated camera. It is supported by a plug-in based video device abstraction layer.
ClockThe Clock application displays an analog clock, can schedule user alarms and provides a stop watch.
LanguageThe Language application allows changing of the user interface language and the selection to be used by input methods.
Light-and-Power/ PowerManagementThe Qt Extended power management system uses a levelled approach when activating the power saving modes. Such functionality is already provided by the Base module. This module specifies the behaviour suitable for most mobile devices by providing the following actions:
  • Dimming of display
  • Turning display off
  • Device and modem suspension

In addition the Light-and-Power settings application allows the user to specify the time out values for the above actions.

PhotoEdit/ PhotoGalleryThe photo application enables the most common picture operations such as slide shows and image categorization. Depending on the choosen user interface (Mobile or VideoIP/Deskphone) the photo application emphasizes slightly different use cases.
SystemtimeThis application changes the system time and date. Additionally the date and time formats can be changed.
NotesThe Notes application can create, modify and delete user notes.
WorldtimeThe Worldtime application can manage up to 5 different time zones which is used by various PIM related applications.
Initial setupThe FirstUse and Calibrate user interface simplify the initial setup process of a device. Adjustable settings are e.g. time zones, languages or touchscreen calibration data (only available on touchscreen devices).

Software components

The PIM module includes the following software components:

The exact list of components included in this module can be found in $QPEDIR/src/module_essentials.pri.

The test plan for the Essentials module summarizes the Quality Assurance procedures for this module. The results of these test are available here.

The following table contains all classes and services which are part of this module:

APMBatteryQPowerSource mapping to the Linux APM interface
AlarmThe Alarm service
CameraThe Camera service
CleanupWizardThe CleanupWizard service
ClockThe Clock service
DateThe Date service
FirstUseSetup wizard that is shown the first time the device is turned on
PhonePowerManagerImplements phone specific power management functionality in Qtopia
PhotoEditThe PhotoEdit service
QKeyboardLockConvenient way of blocking any keyboard input
QtopiaCameraCommon camera definitions
QtopiaVideoCommon video definitions
TimeThe Time service

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