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Qt Games Module

The Qt Games module offers a range of small game applications. It is based on the Base module.

The following configure line can be used to build the Base and Games module only:

    ./configure -modules games -device xyz

Note that not specifying a device profile would result in the reference device being build.

Feature description

This module contains the following games:

FifteenA picture puzzle game involving 15 pieces.
MindbreakerPuzzle/memory game involving logical resolution.
MinesweepPopular mine hunt games.
ParashootAction game involving parashooter hunting.
QAsteriodsAsteriods reimplementation.
SnakeImplementation of the popular snake game.

The list of components included in this module can be found in $QPEDIR/src/module_games.pri.

The test plan for the Games module summarizes the Quality Assurance procedures for this module. The results of these test are available here.

This module does not have any public classes or services.

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