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Qt Location Module

The Qt Location module offers location based features such as GPS support. It is based on the Base module.

The following configure line can be used to build the Base and Location module only:

    ./configure -modules location -device xyz

Note that not specifying a device profile would result in the reference device being build.

Feature description

The Qt Extended Location support is provided by this module.

Client APIThe client API provides classes for general purpose location information.
Backend supportThe Client API uses a plug-in based factory mechanism which can be used to extend the potential sources for location data. By default Qt Extended comes with in-built NMEA support.

Software components

The Location module includes the following software components:

The exact list of components included in this module can be found in $QPEDIR/src/module_location.pri.

The test plan for the Location module summarizes the Quality Assurance procedures for this module. The results of these test are available here.

The following table contains all classes and services which are part of this module:

QNmeaWhereaboutsPositional information using a NMEA data source
QWhereaboutsBase class for providing regular updates about one's global position, and other related information, at a particular point in time
QWhereaboutsCoordinateContains a geographical coordinate
QWhereaboutsFactoryCreates QWhereabouts instances
QWhereaboutsPluginDefines an interface for writing a whereabouts plugin
QWhereaboutsUpdateContains the global position and other related information received at a particular point in time

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