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Qt Media Module

The Qt Media module offers media related features such as video/sound player. It is based on the Base module.

The following configure line can be used to build the Base and Media module only:

    ./configure -modules media -device xyz

Note that not specifying a device profile would result in the reference device being build. The -qtopiamedia option is equivalent to the -modules media option.

Feature description

The Qt Extended Media Support is provided by this module. The media server controls the media engine via plug-in mechanism. This enables a flexible approach when it comes to the choice if media engine. The engine can be a software based engine such as gstreamer or a hardware engine if the target device has special purpose media hardware. Currently three media engines are supported:

The qtopiamedia library provides Client API's for simplified media client applications. An example is given by the simple mediaplayer tutorial.

Media engine controlThe media server provides a plug-in system which allows the incorporation of arbitrary media engines. At this stage three media engines are supported. This module includes the plug-ins to utilize the various engines. In addition audio management can be used to control priorities among multiple audio streams.
Media Client APIThe media client API enables classes for rapid media client development. The provided API incorporates the required IPC mechanism to interface with the media server.
Other featuresThe following features are included in this module:

Software components

The Media module includes the following major software components:

The exact list of components included in this module can be found in $QPEDIR/src/module_media.pri.

The test plan for the Media module summarizes the Quality Assurance procedures for this module. The results of these test are available here.

The following table contains all classes and services which are part of this module:

AlertServiceTaskWAV file implementation of the Alert service
QMediaDevice::InfoContains information on the type and characteristics of the media stream that this QMediaDevice produces
KeyClickEnables an audible clicking sound whenever keys are pressed
MediaServerControlTaskLauncher for the Media Server
PowerAlertDialogTaskAlert dialog that notifies the user when the battery is running low
QAbstractMediaMenuItemBase class for QMediaMenuItem
QAudioContainer for miscellaneous Audio functionality
QAudioElementManages an element of the audio mixer
QAudioInputInterface to read raw audio data from a microphone input
QAudioInterfaceWay of managing access to the audio system
QAudioMixerWay of accessing the audio systems mixer controls
QAudioOutputInterface for sending live audio samples to the default audio output device
QAudioStateEncapsulates an audio device state
QAudioStateConfigurationDefines a read-only view to the current audio device configuration
QAudioStateInfoPoint of access to information about an audio state
QAudioStateManagerManages QAudioStatePlugin objects
QAudioStatePluginWay of managing the underlying audio system
QCameraControlRepresents a user controlled feature on the camera device e.g Saturation, Brightness
QCameraDeviceRepresents a simple camera device. For the user it is a thin interface for accessing camera functionality
QCameraDeviceLoaderProvide acccess to camera devices through a plugin mechanism
QCameraDevicePluginPlugin mechanism for the camera device
QCameraPluginInterfaceInterface class for the camera device plugin
QCameraPreviewCaptureAllows the user to stream view finder data from the device
QCameraStillCaptureHandles capturing of still images
QCameraStreamInterfaceInterface class for camera device modes that stream data
QCameraVideoCaptureAllows the user to capture video data from a camera device
QCameraZoomInterfaceInterface class for zooming When implementing this functionality, Zooming should affect preview, still and video capture
QControlInterfaceInterface for camera device modes that have controls
QMediaAbstractControlServerUsed as a base class for media server control classes to make then available to clients
QMediaCodecPluginRepresents a codec factory in the Media Engine
QMediaContentUsed to prepare a media resource for playing in Qtopia
QMediaContentContextAllows multiple related player objects to be grouped together
QMediaControlUsed to manipulate a media resource in the Qt Extended media system
QMediaControlNotifierWatches a media content object for the availability of a given media control
QMediaDecoderAbstraction for decoders written for the Media Engine
QMediaDeviceAbstraction for Audio devices written for Qtopia'a media engine
QMediaEngineBase class to be used in the creation of a Media Engine
QMediaEngineFactoryFactory used by the Media Server to construct Media Engines loaded from libraries
QMediaEngineInformationBase class used to provide information about a Media Engine
QMediaHelixSettingsControlUsed to alter settings of the helix engine
QMediaListFiltered list of media content
QMediaMenuMenu system for browsing media content
QMediaMenuItemUsed with QMediaMenu to provide Multimedia menus
QMediaPlaylistThe basics for playlist handling of media content
QMediaProgressLabelDisplays the current progress of a playing media content as a text label
QMediaProgressWidgetDisplays the current progress of a playing media content as a progress bar
QMediaRtpAudioStreamManages a single audio stream in an RTP session
QMediaRtpEngineInterface for implementing backends to QMediaRtpSession
QMediaRtpEngineFactoryPlug-in interface for creating instances of QMediaRtpEngine
QMediaRtpPayloadDescribes an RTP payload type
QMediaRtpSessionMeans establishing remote media connections
QMediaRtpStreamManages a single stream in an RTP session
QMediaRtpVideoStreamManages a single video stream in an RTP session
QMediaSeekWidgetAllows the user to seek within a media content object
QMediaServerSessionUsed to represent and control a session registered in the Media Server
QMediaSessionBuilderBase class to be used by Media Engines which need to create sessions within the Media Server
QMediaSessionRequestObject that is passed by clients to the Media Server to start a new media session
QMediaStateLabelDisplays icons for the various states of media playback
QMediaVideoControlInterface to videos playing through the Qt Extended Media System
QMediaVideoControlServerUsed by Media Engines to inform clients that video is available for the associated media session
QMediaVolumeLabelDisplays icons for the various levels of volume
QMediaVolumeWidgetDisplays the current volume level of a media content object as a progress bar
QPlaylistHandlerInterfaceAbstract base class that must be subclassed when implementing new playlist load/save handlers
QVideoFrameRepresents a single frame of displayable data
QtopiaCameraCommon camera definitions
QtopiaMediaContainer for general media types
QtopiaVideoCommon video definitions
ScreenClickEnables an audible clicking sound whenever the stylus is used
VolumeControlTaskTask that manages services related to Media in Qt Extended This class is used to manage media related facilities in Qtopia. It watches media key events and forwards them to the appropriate party
VolumeDialogTaskVolume dialog that gives feedback on volume changes

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