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Obsolete Members for Qtopia

The following class members are obsolete. They are provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using them in new code.


Function Documentation

void Qtopia::execute ( const QString & app, const QString & document = QString() )

Executes the application identified by app, passing document if it isn't null.

QContent should be used to execute applications instead.

A specific application may be launched by calling the execute() member of a QContent object representing the application.

    QContent content(app);

To open a document using a specific application the file name of the document should be passed as the first argument of QContent::execute().

    QContent content(app);
    content.execute(QStringList() << document);

A document may be opened in the default application for its type by calling the execute() member of a QContent object representing the document.

    QContent content(document);

See also QContent::execute().

void Qtopia::statusMessage ( const QString & message )

Displays a status message to the user. This usually appears in the task bar for a short amount of time, then disappears.

This method is related to the PDA Edition which no longer exists. Using it will not cause a failure but nothing will happen when it is called.

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