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These are the public classes for Qt Extended application development that are specific to Bluetooth.

QBluetoothAbstractServerRepresents an abstract Bluetooth server socket
QBluetoothAbstractServiceBase interface class for Bluetooth services within Qtopia
QBluetoothAbstractSocketRepresents an abstract Bluetooth client socket
QBluetoothAddressRepresents a bluetooth address
QBluetoothAudioGatewayInterface to a Bluetooth Audio Gateway
QBluetoothAuthorizationAgentRepresents an authorization proxy
QBluetoothL2CapDatagramSocketRepresents an L2CAP Datagram Socket
QBluetoothL2CapServerRepresents an L2CAP server socket
QBluetoothL2CapSocketRepresents an L2CAP client socket
QBluetoothLocalDeviceRepresents a local bluetooth device
QBluetoothLocalDeviceManagerAccess to local Bluetooth devices
QBluetoothPasskeyAgentRepresents a passkey entry proxy
QBluetoothPasskeyRequestEncapsulates a Bluetooth PIN request
QBluetoothRemoteDeviceRepresents a remote bluetooth device
QBluetoothRemoteDeviceDialogAllows the user to perform a bluetooth device discovery and select a particular device
QBluetoothRemoteDeviceDialogFilterFilter on the devices that are displayed by a QBluetoothRemoteDeviceDialog
QBluetoothReplyWrapper object that contains a reply, and an error indicator
QBluetoothRfcommSerialPortRepresents a RFCOMM serial port device
QBluetoothRfcommServerRepresents an RFCOMM server socket
QBluetoothRfcommSocketRepresents an RFCOMM client socket
QBluetoothScoServerRepresents a SCO server socket
QBluetoothScoSocketRepresents an SCO client socket
QBluetoothSdpAlternativeConvenience wrapper used in QBluetoothSdpRecord
QBluetoothSdpQueryEncapsulates operations performed by the SDAP profile
QBluetoothSdpQueryResultEncapsulates a result of an SDAP query
QBluetoothSdpRecordRepresents a bluetooth SDP record
QBluetoothSdpSequenceConvenience wrapper used in QBluetoothSdpRecord
QBluetoothSdpUuidEncapsulates Unique Identifiers defined and used by the Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol
QBluetoothServiceControllerMeans to control and access information for Qt Extended Bluetooth services

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