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QtopiaCamera Namespace Reference
[QtEssentialsModule, QtMediaModule]

The QtopiaCamera namespace provides common camera definitions More...

    #include <QtopiaCamera>


Detailed Description

The QtopiaCamera namespace provides common camera definitions

Type Documentation

enum QtopiaCamera::CameraError

Error descriptor code

QtopiaCamera::FatalError0A Fatal Error has occured
QtopiaCamera::Warning1A Non-Fatal error has occured

enum QtopiaCamera::DataFormat

Pixel and Image Data formats given in FOURCC code (see: http://v4l2spec.bytesex.org )

QtopiaCamera::RGB3287675886624-bit rgb format: 0xffRRGGBB
QtopiaCamera::RGB24859981650packed 24-bit rgb format: 0xRRGGBB
QtopiaCamera::RGB565134652091416-bit rgb
QtopiaCamera::RGB55580965000215-bit rgb
QtopiaCamera::YUYV1448695129YUV 4:2:2
QtopiaCamera::UYVY1498831189YUV 4:2:2
QtopiaCamera::SBGGR882577030610-bit Bayer format
QtopiaCamera::MJPEG1196444237Motion JPEG
QtopiaCamera::MPEG1195724877MPEG bitstream
QtopiaCamera::H263859189832H.263 bitstream

typedef QtopiaCamera::FormatResolutionMap

Synonym for QMap<unsigned int, QList<QSize>> Holds a map of formats to a list of supported resolutions for that format

enum QtopiaCamera::Resolution

Image Resolutions

QtopiaCamera::NonStandard0Non Standard Resolution
QtopiaCamera::CIF4352x288 or 0.10 Mega Pixels
QtopiaCamera::VGA5640x480 or 0.31 Mega Pixels
QtopiaCamera::XGA61024x768 or 0.79 Mega Pixels
QtopiaCamera::SXGA71280x1024 or 1.31 Mega Pixels
QtopiaCamera::UXGA81600x1200 or 1.92 Mega Pixels
QtopiaCamera::WUXGA91920x1200 or 2.30 Mega Pixels
QtopiaCamera::QXGA102048x1536 or 3.14 Mega Pixels
QtopiaCamera::WQXGA112560x1600 or 4.09 Mega Pixels
QtopiaCamera::FIVEMP122580x1936 or 4.99 Mega Pixels

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