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Building Qt Extended Sync Agent

These instructions tell you how to build the Qt Extended Sync Agent, how to run a build and how to deploy the Qt Extended Sync Agent.


The Qt Extended Sync Agent is known to build with Microsoft Visual C++ 6 (VC6), Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Standard Edition (VC7) and Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2005 (VC8).

The Qt Extended Sync Agent is known to build with the Platform SDK and the newer Windows SDK.

You must have Outlook installed to build a fully-functional Qt Extended Sync Agent. If you would like to target a different version of Outlook to the one you have installed you can place the files MSO.DLL and MSOUTL.OLB from the other version of Outlook into src/qtopiadesktop/dist.

Note that Outlook 2007's COM interfaces do not compile with older toolchains and/or SDKs. This seems to cause problems with all of the currently-supported toolchain/SDK combinations. You should obtain older Outlook files if you have Outlook 2007 installed.

The Qt Extended Sync Agent requires perl. You should install ActivePerl to satisfy this dependency. ActivePerl can be obtained for free from http://www.activestate.com/ActivePerl.


Ensure that the prerequisites are met and any required environment variables are set. For each compiler a script will setup the environment. For example, VC8 installed to the default location has the script C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\vcvars32.bat.

You should set QMAKESPEC to a suitable value.



Change to the directory that holds your unpacked Qt Extended source package and build.

    cd qt-extended-<version>
    nmake install

Execute Unit Tests

There is only minimal test coverage at this time, mostly aimed at the Outlook interface.

    cd src\qtopiadesktop
    nmake test




You can build an installer for the Qt Extended Sync Agent. Please see src/qtopiadesktop/dist/README for details.

See also Overviews.

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