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PluginManager Class Reference

The PluginManager class manages plugin loading. More...

    #include <PluginManager>

Inherits QObject.

Public Functions

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The PluginManager class manages plugin loading.

Member Function Documentation

QDAppPluginList PluginManager::activePlugins ()

Returns the active application plugins.

QDAppPluginList PluginManager::appPlugins ( QDAppPluginFilter * filter = 0 )

Returns the application plugins that match filter.

QDConPluginList PluginManager::conPlugins ()

Returns the connection plugins.

QDAppPlugin * PluginManager::currentPlugin ()

Returns the current application plugin. Note that this is currently hard-coded to return 0!

QStringList PluginManager::detectedPluginFiles ()

Returns the plugin files that were detected on the system.

QMap<QString, QString> PluginManager::detectedPluginIds ()

Returns the plugin identifiers that were detected on the system.

QDDevPluginList PluginManager::devPlugins ()

Returns the device plugins.

QDLinkPluginList PluginManager::linkPlugins ()

Returns the link plugins.

QDPluginData * PluginManager::pluginData ( QDPlugin * plugin )

Returns the plugin data for plugin.

QDAppPluginData * PluginManager::pluginData ( QDAppPlugin * plugin )

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience.

Returns the plugin data for plugin.

QDPluginList PluginManager::plugins ( QDPluginFilter * filter = 0 )

Returns the plugins that match filter.

void PluginManager::setupPlugin ( QDPlugin * plugin )

Initialize a plugin that has been manually constructed. For example, this is used to initialize dynamically created QDClientSyncPlugin instances. After calling this method you should call QtopiaDesktopApplication::initializePlugin().

QDSyncPluginList PluginManager::syncPlugins ()

Returns the sync plugins.

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