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QDDevPlugin Class Reference

The QDDevPlugin class is responsible for communications with a device. More...

    #include <QDDevPlugin>

Inherits QDPlugin.

Public Functions

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QDDevPlugin class is responsible for communications with a device.

This plugin needs to work with a QDConPlugin in order to talk to a device.

Member Function Documentation

QDDevPlugin::QDDevPlugin ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Construct a QDDevPlugin with parent as the owning QObject.

QDDevPlugin::~QDDevPlugin ()   [virtual]


QDConPlugin * QDDevPlugin::connection ()   [pure virtual]

Returns the connection that the device is connected to.

void QDDevPlugin::disassociate ( QDConPlugin * con )   [pure virtual]

Remove the association between this device and connection con. This will trigger the connection to report that it is no longer connected.

QPixmap QDDevPlugin::icon ()   [pure virtual]

Return an image that can be used as an icon for the device. This is used so the user can see what they have connected to Qt Extended Sync Agent.

QString QDDevPlugin::model ()   [pure virtual]

Return the model name of the device. For example, "Greenphone".

void QDDevPlugin::probe ( QDConPlugin * con )   [pure virtual]

Probe the connection con to see if a device of this type can be reached via that connection.

QString QDDevPlugin::system ()   [pure virtual]

Return the system that runs on the device. This is typically "Qtopia" but a fork could use their own name (eg. OPIE).

quint32 QDDevPlugin::version ()   [pure virtual]

Return the version of the device in a hexidecimal format. For example, 0x040300 would be used for a version 4.3.0 device.

QString QDDevPlugin::versionString ()   [pure virtual]

Return the version of the device as a string that can be displayed to the user.

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