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    CALLB QPE/System execute(QString) BASE64DATA


Sent from either the device or desktop. This command causes a QCop message to be delivered. Unlike the CALL command, this command can work with any value that can be sent in a QCop message. The data bytes should be generated like this.

    QByteArray data;
        QDataStream stream( &data, QIODevice::WriteOnly );
        stream << QString("addressbook");
    QByteArray args = data.toBase64();

The device will respond with a 200 or a 500 command.

Note that the QCop message will only be delivered inside the Synchronization application. This is to prevent a security hole (Normal QCop delivery is subject to security checks, based on the application sending the message).

It is still possible to perform remote delivery of QCop messages but you must create a plugin for Synchronization that intercepts the message you are interested in and then forwards it on. An example of this in the device_updater tool. It includes a Synchronization plugin that lets it send a message to the package manager.

See also qdsync Protocol.

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