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Add a new desktop plugin

To add support for a new application on the desktop you need to create a server sync plugin. You will need to create an instance of the QDServerSyncPlugin class and register it. It may be useful to examine the skeleton example found in examples/qd_sync_plugin. For a working example you can examine the Outlook project at src/qtopiadesktop/plugins/outlook.

You need to register one plugin for each dataset. If you are planning on supporting multiple datasets you may want to have a common class that inherits QDServerSyncPlugin and implements the common tasks. This is the approach taken by the Outlook project. Since Qt Extended Sync Agent allows multiple plugins to be embedded in a project you do not need to take any additional steps to package multiple plugins.

The datasets supported by the reference implementation are documented in Datasets. If you intend to support a new dataset you should read Add a new dataset.

See also Integration Tasks.

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