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Common UI classes

The following classes provide general purpose UI services in the Qt Extended server.

ApplicationLauncherViewSpecialized view for application lists
CallTypeSelectorAllows the user to choose what type of telephony call he intends to do
ContentSetLauncherViewDisplays a content set received via the "ContentSetView" service
DefaultCrashDialogTaskCrash dialog that notifies the user about crashing applications
DefaultTaskManagerThe standard Qt Extended task manager
DelayedWaitDialogSmall dialog that can be used to notify the user that the system is busy
DocumentLauncherViewView of user documents
FileTransferWindowShown while the Qt Extended server performs a file transfer
FirstUseSetup wizard that is shown the first time the device is turned on
LauncherViewThe base for any type of laucnher view used by Qtopia
PowerAlertDialogTaskAlert dialog that notifies the user when the battery is running low
PresenceEditorAllows the user to set VoIP presence status
ShutdownDialogTaskShutdown dialog that allows the user to control system restarts and shutdowns
ShutdownSplashScreenDisplays a static splash screen while the system is restarting
TaskManagerLauncherViewThe list of running applications
TouchScreenLockDialogDialog that is shown while a touchscreen-only device is locked
UIFactoryFactory for various types of widgets used within the Qt Extended server
UsbGadgetSelectorAllows the user to choose how the device communicates via the USB interface
VolumeDialogTaskVolume dialog that gives feedback on volume changes
WaitIndicatorWidget that is shown while an application starts

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