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Server Widget classes

The following classes provide implementations of various abstract server widget interfaces. The subsequent pictures demonstrate the large variety of user interfaces which can be created using the abstact server widget concept:

Abstract server widgetImplementation
QAbstractHomeScreen, QAbstractCallHistory, QAbstractTaskManagerThemedHomeScreenPhoneCallHistoryDefaultTaskManager
Other examplesE1E2E3

Note: The implementations for E1, E2 and E3 can be found in src/server/phone/samples and are accessable via the Serverwidgets settings applications.

The themed versions of a particular server widgets can also change their appearance based on the theme being used. For more details refer to the theme documentation. This allows even more flexibility without having to change the actual server widget implementation.

BaseContextLabel::BaseButtonStorage for the buttons used by the BaseContextLabel class
BaseContextLabelDockable soft key bar for phones
BasicHomeScreenMost functionality required by a HomeScreen except the actual user interface
CallContactDelegateThe delegate for CallContactListView
CallContactItemWrapper for call entries
CallContactListViewView for call entries
CallContactModelUnderlying model for the call contact list view
DefaultTaskManagerThe standard Qt Extended task manager
DeskphoneBrowserScreenApplication launcher view suitable for a desk phone
DeskphoneCallScreenThe call screen for Qt Extended Home
DeskphoneContextLabelThemable dockable soft key bar for Qt Extended Home
GridBrowserScreenThe main launcher grid for Qt Extended Phone
PhoneCallHistoryThe Qt Extended Phone call history widget
PhoneHeaderDockable, themeable phone header
PhoneLauncherImplments the main UI widget for the Qt Extended
PhoneMessageBoxImplements the Qt Extended Phone message box
PhoneQuickDialerScreenImplements a keypad based dialer UI
PhoneTouchDialerScreenImplements a touchscreen dialer
PlatformServerInterfaceSimple main widget for Qt Extended
SlideInMessageBoxImplements a sliding message box
ThemedCallScreenPhone call screen
ThemedContextLabelThemable dockable soft key bar for phones
ThemedHomeScreenThe home screen for Qt Extended
ThemedSecondaryDisplayImplements the secondary display for Qt Extended Phone
WheelBrowserScreenWheel based application launcher view

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