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Telephony Server Classes

The following classes provide telephony services in the Qt Extended server.

AbstractDialFilterInterface for dial sequence filters
AsteriskManagerMaintains information about the active Asterisk telephony service
CellBroadcastControlMonitors incoming cell broadcast messages
CellModemManagerSimplifies the initialization and monitoring of a cellular phone modem
DialProxyGeneric dial string processing and enables the routing of dialtone and call audio
DialerControlConvenient interface to the phone call manager
DtmfAudioSimple interface for playing DTMF tones
ExternalAccessStarts the modem emulator on a serial port to allow external access via a serial cable
GSMDialFilterGSM dial filter required for GCF compliance
JabberManagerMaintains information about the active Jabber telephony service
MessageControlMessage related management services
NetworkRegistrationUpdateNotifications for the user when the network registration of any network (e.g. VoIP or Cell) changes
PhoneServerRepresents the central dispatch server for phone requests
QAbstractCallPolicyManagerInterface for the management of calls across multiple call types
RingControlControls the system ring for incoming calls and messages
SimCallHistoryPopulates the in-memory call history list with entries provided by the call history list stored on a SIM card
SimControlEventHandlerTaskFeedback about SIM control events to the user
SupplementaryServiceTaskNotification about unstructured notifications within GSM networks
VideoRingtoneInterface to the Qt Extended media system to play the video tones for incoming calls
VoIPManagerMaintains information about the active VoIP telephony service

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