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QtopiaServiceDescription Class Reference

The QtopiaServiceDescription class describes a service request in user terms. More...

    #include <QtopiaServiceDescription>

Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QtopiaServiceDescription class describes a service request in user terms.

This data includes what action to undertake when activated, and a display name and icon. It can also include extra information about the request that is not present in the request itself.

See also QtopiaServiceSelector and QtopiaServiceRequest.

Member Function Documentation

QtopiaServiceDescription::QtopiaServiceDescription ()

Constructs a null QtopiaServiceDescription.

QtopiaServiceDescription::QtopiaServiceDescription ( const QtopiaServiceRequest & request, const QString & label, const QString & icon, const QVariantMap & optionalProperties = QVariantMap() )

Constructs a QtopiaServiceDescription, which describes an action called label, with the display icon found in the file specified by icon, which initiates QtopiaServiceRequest request when activated. The optional properties in the constructed object are initialized from optionalProperties.

QtopiaServiceDescription::QtopiaServiceDescription ( const QtopiaServiceDescription & other )

Create a copy of other.

QtopiaServiceDescription::~QtopiaServiceDescription ()

Destroys this QtopiaServiceDescription.

QString QtopiaServiceDescription::iconName () const

Returns the icon name describing the request.

See also setIconName().

bool QtopiaServiceDescription::isNull () const

Returns true if either the label, icon or request for this QtopiaServiceDescription is null.

QString QtopiaServiceDescription::label () const

Returns the display label describing the request.

See also setLabel().

QVariantMap QtopiaServiceDescription::optionalProperties () const

Returns the entire collection of optional properties describing this service request.

See also setOptionalProperties().

QVariant QtopiaServiceDescription::optionalProperty ( const QString & name ) const

Returns an optional property with the given name that describes the service request.

See also setOptionalProperty() and removeOptionalProperty().

void QtopiaServiceDescription::removeOptionalProperty ( const QString & name )

Removes any optional properties with the given name describing this service request.

See also setOptionalProperty() and optionalProperty().

QtopiaServiceRequest QtopiaServiceDescription::request () const

Returns the QtopiaServiceRequest described.

See also setRequest().

void QtopiaServiceDescription::setIconName ( const QString & iconName )

Sets the display icon to iconName.

See also iconName().

void QtopiaServiceDescription::setLabel ( const QString & label )

Sets the display label to label.

See also label().

void QtopiaServiceDescription::setOptionalProperties ( QVariantMap properties )

Sets the entire collection of optional properties describing this service request to properties.

See also optionalProperties().

void QtopiaServiceDescription::setOptionalProperty ( const QString & name, const QVariant & value )

Sets an optional property describing this service request with the given name and value.

See also removeOptionalProperty() and optionalProperty().

void QtopiaServiceDescription::setRequest ( const QtopiaServiceRequest & request )

Sets the request to request.

See also request().

QtopiaServiceDescription & QtopiaServiceDescription::operator= ( const QtopiaServiceDescription & other )

Assign other to this object.

bool QtopiaServiceDescription::operator== ( const QtopiaServiceDescription & other ) const

Returns true if other is equal to this QtopiaServiceDescription. Two service descriptions are considered equal if they have the same icon, label, service request. Optional properties are not checked.

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