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QtopiaServiceSelector Class Reference

The QtopiaServiceSelector class implements a list dialog for selecting a service. More...

    #include <QtopiaServiceSelector>

Inherits QDialog.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The QtopiaServiceSelector class implements a list dialog for selecting a service.

See also QtopiaServiceDescription and QtopiaServiceRequest.

Member Function Documentation

QtopiaServiceSelector::QtopiaServiceSelector ( QWidget * parent )

Construct a Qt Extended service selector dialog owned by parent.

void QtopiaServiceSelector::addApplications ()

Add all installed applications (and games and settings) to the list of services displayed in this selector. By default, only service actions are shown.

This will not add any application which has the same name and icon as another application or a service already in the list.

QtopiaServiceDescription QtopiaServiceSelector::descriptionFor ( const QtopiaServiceRequest & req ) const

Returns the description of the service request req. Descriptions include the service request, a user-visible name, and an icon name.

See also QtopiaServiceDescription.

bool QtopiaServiceSelector::edit ( const QString & targetlabel, QtopiaServiceDescription & item )   [slot]

Displays this Qt Extended service selector dialog, to allow the user to select a service to associate with targetlabel. The selected service description is returned in item.

This function is typically used to edit the service associated with a device button or similar action. The contents of the service selector are not being edited; rather the button or action is being edited.

Returns true if an item was selected; or false if the dialog was canceled.

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