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Qt Pim Module

The Qt Pim module offers Personal Information management support. It is based on the Base module.

The following configure line can be used to build the Base and PIM module only:

    ./configure -modules pim -device xyz

Note that not specifying a device profile would result in the reference device being build.

Feature description

The Qt Extended Personal Information Management is based on the PIM Library which provides a variety of classes enabling the development of arbitrary PIM applications.

Record classesThe Record classes store a certain type of PIM data and can be used to pass them around.
Model ClassesThe Model classes are used to access the PIM data.
GUI ClassesThe GUI classes provide a consistent look and feel between applications.
ApplicationsThe following PIM related applications are provided:
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Media Recorder (wav recording)
  • Tasks
PIM SynchronizationThe Qt Extended Sync Agent provides desktop synchronization. It enables device synchronization and in particular PIM Synchronization.
Other featuresThe following minor features are included in this module:
  • Presence synchronization
  • Backup of contact details to SIM
  • Outlook PIM synchonization features (if package management module is enabled)
  • PIM data transfer (if Bluetooth or Infrared module enabled

Software components

The Pim module includes the following software components:

The exact list of components included in this module can be found in $QPEDIR/src/module_pim.pri.

The test plan for the Pim module summarizes the Quality Assurance procedures for this module. The results of these test are available here.

The following table contains all classes and services which are part of this module:

AccountConfigurationStores attributes associated with an external messaging account
CalendarThe Calendar service
ContactsPhoneThe ContactsPhone service
ContactsThe Contacts service
QAppointment::ExceptionInformation about exceptions to appointment related repeat rules
QAppointmentHolds the data of a calendar appointment
QAppointmentContextRepresents a storage context of appointment data
QAppointmentDelegateDrawing of QAppointmentModel items (
QAppointmentModelAccess to the Calendar data
QAudioContainer for miscellaneous Audio functionality
QAudioElementManages an element of the audio mixer
QAudioInputInterface to read raw audio data from a microphone input
QAudioInterfaceWay of managing access to the audio system
QAudioMixerWay of accessing the audio systems mixer controls
QAudioOutputInterface for sending live audio samples to the default audio output device
QAudioStateEncapsulates an audio device state
QAudioStateConfigurationDefines a read-only view to the current audio device configuration
QAudioStateInfoPoint of access to information about an audio state
QAudioStateManagerManages QAudioStatePlugin objects
QAudioStatePluginWay of managing the underlying audio system
QContactHolds the data of an address book entry
QContactAddressContains an address of a QContact
QContactAnniversaryContextQAppointments based on the QContact anniversaries
QContactBirthdayContextQAppointments based on the QContact birthdays
QContactContextRepresents a storage context of contact data
QContactDelegateDrawing of QContactModel items (
QContactItemQStandardItem based class representing a
QContactItemModelQStandardItemModel based class representing a list of
QContactListViewList view widget for use with QContactModel
QContactModelAccess to the Contacts data
QContactSelectorWay of selecting a single contact from a QContactModel
QDependentEventsContextBase class for QAppointments generated by other models
QMailAccountRepresents a messaging account in the mail store
QMailAccountIdUsed to identify accounts stored by QMailStore
QMailAccountKeyDefines the parameters used for querying a subset of all available accounts from the mail store
QMailAccountListModelAccess to a list of stored accounts
QMailAccountSortKeyDefines the parameters used for sorting a subset of queried accounts from the store
QMailAddressInterface for manipulating message address strings
QMailBase64CodecEncodes or decodes between 8-bit data and 7-bit ASCII, using the Base64 character mapping scheme
QMailCodecMechanisms for encoding and decoding between 7-bit ASCII strings and arbitrary octet sequences
QMailComposerFactoryCreates objects implementing the QMailComposerInterface interface
QMailComposerInterfaceDefines the interface to objects that can compose a mail message
QMailComposerPluginDefines a base class for implementing mail message composer plug-ins
QMailComposerPluginInterfaceDefines the interface to plug-ins that provide mail message composers
QMailFolderRepresents a folder for mail messages in the mail store
QMailFolderIdUsed to identify folders stored by QMailStore
QMailFolderKeyDefines the parameters used for querying a subset of all available folders from the mail store
QMailFolderSortKeyDefines the parameters used for sorting a subset of queried folders from the mail store
QMailLineEndingCodecEncodes textual data to use CR/LF line endings required for SMTP transmission
QMailMessageConvenient interface for working with messages
QMailMessageBodyContains the body element of a message or message part
QMailMessageContentDispositionEncapsulates the parsing of the RFC 2822 'Content-Disposition' header field
QMailMessageContentTypeEncapsulates the parsing of the RFC 2822 'Content-Type' header field
QMailMessageDelegateVisual representation of a message suitable for display in a list of messages
QMailMessageHeaderFieldEncapsulates the parsing of message header fields
QMailMessageIdUsed to identify messages stored by QMailStore
QMailMessageKeyDefines the parameters used for querying a subset of all available messages from the mail store
QMailMessageListModelAccess to a list of stored messages
QMailMessageMetaDataInformation about a message stored by Qtopia
QMailMessagePartConvenient interface for working with message attachments
QMailMessagePartContainerAccess to a collection of message parts
QMailMessageServerSignals and slots which implement a convenient interface for communicating with the MessageServer process via IPC
QMailMessageSortKeyDefines the parameters used for sorting a subset of queried messages from the mail store
QMailPassThroughCodecUses the QMailCodec interface to move data between streams without coding or decoding
QMailQuotedPrintableCodecEncodes or decodes between 8-bit data and 7-bit ASCII, using the 'quoted printable' character mapping scheme
QMailStoreRepresents the main interface for storage and retrieval of messages and folders on the message store
QMailTimeStampManages message time stamps
QMailViewerFactoryCreates objects implementing the QMailViewerInterface interface
QMailViewerInterfaceDefines the interface to objects that can display a mail message
QMailViewerPluginDefines a base class for implementing mail message viewer plug-ins
QMailViewerPluginInterfaceDefines the interface to plug-ins that provide mail message viewers
QOccurrenceHolds the data of an occurrence of a calendar appointment
QOccurrenceModelAccess to the Calendar data
QPhoneNumberUtility functions to manipulate telephone numbers
QPhoneTypeSelectorWay of selecting a single type of phone number
QPimContextRepresents a storage context of PIM data
QPimDelegateAbstract delegate for rendering multiple lines of text for a PIM record
QPimDependencyListManages the dependencies between QPimRecords
QPimModelAbstract interface to the PIM model classes
QPimRecordThe base class for PIM data recorded in the Qt Extended database
QPimSourceHolds identifying information for a storage source of PIM data
QPimSourceDialogDialog for selecting visible PIM sources for a PIM model
QPimSourceModelModel class for manipulating a set of QPimSource objects
QSmoothContactListViewList view widget for use with QContactModel
QTaskHolds the data of a task (to-do list) entry
QTaskContextRepresents a storage context of task data
QTaskDelegateDrawing of QTaskModel items (
QTaskEventContextQAppointments based on QTask due dates
QTaskListViewList view widget with some convenience functions for use with QTaskModel
QTaskModelAccess to Tasks data
QTaskSelectorWay of selecting a single task from a QTaskModel
ServerContactModelAccess to a singleton instance of a QContactModel
TasksThe Tasks service
VoiceRecordingThe VoiceRecording service

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