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Qt UI Module

The Qt UI module provides user interface related components.

The following configure line can be used to build the Base and UI module:

    ./configure -modules ui -device xyz [-ui-type [mobile|home]]

The -ui-type option is optional and is used to select whether the mobile phone or the video IP deskphone user interface is selected. By default the mobile phone is chosen.

Feature description

Qt Extended supports two different user interface implementations. The first user interface targets keypad/touchscreen based mobile devices whereas the second interface type is suitable for IP and video based desktop devices such as a deskphone. The UI module includes the components for both user interface types. The selection of the user interface happens via the -ui-types flag passed to configure.

Both UI types have common support components which are required regardless what UI style is chosen. By selecting the UI module but not selecting a particular UI style the following components are selected:

This table outlines the differences between the Qt Extended UI types:

UI typeDescription
mobileThe mobile UI style is selected by passing "-ui-type mobile" option to configure. In addition to the components common to both UI types the mobile UI style provides the following components:
homeThe deskphone UI style is selected by passing "-ui-type home" option to configure. In addition to the components common to both UI types the video UI style provides the following additional components:

Software components

The UI module includes the following software components:

The exact list of components included in this module can be found in $QPEDIR/src/module_ui.pri.

The test plan for the UI module summarizes the Quality Assurance procedures for this module. The results of these test are available here.

The following table contains all classes and services which are part of this module:

AnalogClockHSWidgetDisplays the current time
AppointmentsHSWidgetInformation about the next or current appointment
BaseContextLabel::BaseButtonStorage for the buttons used by the BaseContextLabel class
BaseContextLabelDockable soft key bar for phones
BasicHomeScreenMost functionality required by a HomeScreen except the actual user interface
DeskphoneBrowserScreenApplication launcher view suitable for a desk phone
DeskphoneContextLabelThemable dockable soft key bar for Qt Extended Home
QAppointment::ExceptionInformation about exceptions to appointment related repeat rules
LauncherHSWidgetLaunches applications
QSoftMenuBarProvider::MenuButtonEncapsulates the current information for a configured soft button
MessageBoardMessage hub for user information
MessageBoard::NoteSimple container for messages
PhoneHeaderDockable, themeable phone header
PhoneLauncherImplments the main UI widget for the Qt Extended
PhoneMessageBoxImplements the Qt Extended Phone message box
QAbstractContextLabelAllows developers to replace the "Context Label" portion of the Phone UI
QAbstractHeaderAllows developers to replace the "Header" portion of the Phone UI
QAbstractSecondaryDisplayAllows developers to replace the "secondary screen" portion of the Phone UI
QAppointmentHolds the data of a calendar appointment
QAppointmentContextRepresents a storage context of appointment data
QAppointmentDelegateDrawing of QAppointmentModel items (
QAppointmentModelAccess to the Calendar data
QContactHolds the data of an address book entry
QContactAddressContains an address of a QContact
QContactAnniversaryContextQAppointments based on the QContact anniversaries
QContactBirthdayContextQAppointments based on the QContact birthdays
QContactContextRepresents a storage context of contact data
QContactDelegateDrawing of QContactModel items (
QContactItemQStandardItem based class representing a
QContactItemModelQStandardItemModel based class representing a list of
QContactListViewList view widget for use with QContactModel
QContactModelAccess to the Contacts data
QContactSelectorWay of selecting a single contact from a QContactModel
QDependentEventsContextBase class for QAppointments generated by other models
QOccurrenceHolds the data of an occurrence of a calendar appointment
QOccurrenceModelAccess to the Calendar data
QPhoneNumberUtility functions to manipulate telephone numbers
QPhoneTypeSelectorWay of selecting a single type of phone number
QPimContextRepresents a storage context of PIM data
QPimDelegateAbstract delegate for rendering multiple lines of text for a PIM record
QPimDependencyListManages the dependencies between QPimRecords
QPimModelAbstract interface to the PIM model classes
QPimRecordThe base class for PIM data recorded in the Qt Extended database
QPimSourceHolds identifying information for a storage source of PIM data
QPimSourceDialogDialog for selecting visible PIM sources for a PIM model
QPimSourceModelModel class for manipulating a set of QPimSource objects
QPixmapWheelDisplays a navigatable 3d "wheel" of pixmaps
QPixmapWheelDataRepresents a set of icons used by the QPixmapWheel class
QSmoothContactListViewList view widget for use with QContactModel
QSoftMenuBarProviderThe backend for the QSoftMenuBar API
QTaskHolds the data of a task (to-do list) entry
QTaskContextRepresents a storage context of task data
QTaskDelegateDrawing of QTaskModel items (
QTaskEventContextQAppointments based on QTask due dates
QTaskListViewList view widget with some convenience functions for use with QTaskModel
QTaskModelAccess to Tasks data
QTaskSelectorWay of selecting a single task from a QTaskModel
ThemedContextLabelThemable dockable soft key bar for phones
ThemedHomeScreenThe home screen for Qt Extended
ThemedSecondaryDisplayImplements the secondary display for Qt Extended Phone
TouchScreenLockDialogDialog that is shown while a touchscreen-only device is locked
WheelBrowserScreenWheel based application launcher view
WorldmapHSWidgetDisplays a worldmap

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