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QtUiTools Module

The QtUiTools module provides classes to handle forms created with Qt Designer. More...


QUiLoaderAllows standalone applications dynamically create user interfaces at run-time using the information stored in .ui files or specified plugin paths

Detailed Description

These forms are processed at run-time to produce dynamically-generated user interfaces. In order to generate a form at run-time, a resource file containing a .ui file is needed. Applications that use the form handling classes need to be configured to be built against the QtUiTools module. This is done by including the following declaration in a qmake project file to ensure that the application is compiled and linked appropriately.

 CONFIG += uitools

A form loader object, provided by the QUiLoader class, is used to construct the user interface. This user interface can be retrieved from any QIODevice; for example, a QFile object can be used to obtain a form stored in a project's resources. The QUiLoader::load() function takes the user interface description contained in the file and constructs the form widget.

To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the following directive:

 #include <QtUiTools>

Note: These classes are part of the Qt Open Source Edition and Qt Full Framework Edition for commercial users.

See also Calculator Builder Example and World Time Clock Builder Example.

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