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QWebSettings Class Reference
[QtWebKit module]

The QWebSettings class provides an object to store the settings used by QWebPage and QWebFrame. More...

 #include <QWebSettings>

This class was introduced in Qt 4.4.

Public Types

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The QWebSettings class provides an object to store the settings used by QWebPage and QWebFrame.

Each QWebPage object has its own QWebSettings object, which configures the settings for that page. If a setting is not configured, then it is looked up in the global settings object, which can be accessed using QWebSettings::globalSettings().

QWebSettings allows configuring font properties such as font size and font family, the location of a custom stylesheet, and generic attributes like java script, plugins, etc. The WebAttribute enum further describes this.

QWebSettings also configures global properties such as the web page memory cache and the web page icon database.

See also QWebPage::settings(), QWebView::settings(), and Browser.

Member Type Documentation

enum QWebSettings::FontFamily

This enum describes the generic font families defined by CSS 2. For more information see the CSS standard.


enum QWebSettings::FontSize

This enum describes the font sizes configurable through QWebSettings.

QWebSettings::MinimumFontSize0The hard minimum font size.
QWebSettings::MinimumLogicalFontSize1The minimum logical font size that is applied after zooming with QWebFrame's textSizeMultiplier().
QWebSettings::DefaultFontSize2The default font size for regular text.
QWebSettings::DefaultFixedFontSize3The default font size for fixed-pitch text.

enum QWebSettings::WebAttribute

This enum describes various attributes that are configurable through QWebSettings.

QWebSettings::AutoLoadImages0Specifies whether images are automatically loaded in web pages.
QWebSettings::JavascriptEnabled1Enables or disables the running of JavaScript programs.
QWebSettings::JavaEnabled2Enables or disables Java applets. Currently Java applets are not supported.
QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled3Enables or disables plugins in web pages. Currently Flash and other plugins are not supported.
QWebSettings::PrivateBrowsingEnabled4Private browsing prevents WebKit from recording visited pages in the history and storing web page icons.
QWebSettings::JavascriptCanOpenWindows5Specifies whether JavaScript programs can open new windows.
QWebSettings::JavascriptCanAccessClipboard6Specifies whether JavaScript programs can read or write to the clipboard.
QWebSettings::DeveloperExtrasEnabled7Enables extra tools for Web developers. Currently this enables the "Inspect" element in the context menu, which shows the WebKit WebInspector for web site debugging.
QWebSettings::LinksIncludedInFocusChain8Specifies whether hyperlinks should be included in the keyboard focus chain.

enum QWebSettings::WebGraphic

This enums describes the standard graphical elements used in webpages.

QWebSettings::MissingImageGraphic0The replacement graphic shown when an image could not be loaded.
QWebSettings::MissingPluginGraphic1The replacement graphic shown when a plugin could not be loaded.
QWebSettings::DefaultFrameIconGraphic2The default icon for QWebFrame::icon().
QWebSettings::TextAreaSizeGripCornerGraphic3The graphic shown for the size grip of text areas.

Member Function Documentation

void QWebSettings::clearIconDatabase ()   [static]

Clears the icon database.

QString QWebSettings::fontFamily ( FontFamily which ) const

Returns the actual font family for the specified generic font family, which.

See also setFontFamily().

int QWebSettings::fontSize ( FontSize type ) const

Returns the default font size for type.

See also setFontSize().

QWebSettings * QWebSettings::globalSettings ()   [static]

Returns the global settings object.

Any setting changed on the default object is automatically applied to all QWebPage instances where the particular setting is not overriden already.

QString QWebSettings::iconDatabasePath ()   [static]

Returns the path of the icon database or an empty string if the icon database is disabled.

See also setIconDatabasePath() and clearIconDatabase().

QIcon QWebSettings::iconForUrl ( const QUrl & url )   [static]

Returns the web site's icon for url.

If the web site does not specify an icon, or the icon is not in the database, a null QIcon is returned.

Note: The returned icon's size is arbitrary.

See also setIconDatabasePath().

int QWebSettings::maximumPagesInCache ()   [static]

Returns the maximum number of web pages that are kept in the memory cache.

See also setMaximumPagesInCache().

void QWebSettings::resetAttribute ( WebAttribute attribute )

Resets the setting of attribute. This function has no effect on the global QWebSettings instance.

See also globalSettings().

void QWebSettings::resetFontFamily ( FontFamily which )

Resets the actual font family to the default font family, specified by which.

This function has no effect on the global QWebSettings instance.

void QWebSettings::resetFontSize ( FontSize type )

Resets the font size for type to the size specified in the global settings object.

This function has no effect on the global QWebSettings instance.

void QWebSettings::setAttribute ( WebAttribute attribute, bool on )

Enables or disables the specified attribute feature depending on the value of on.

void QWebSettings::setFontFamily ( FontFamily which, const QString & family )

Sets the actual font family to family for the specified generic family, which.

See also fontFamily().

void QWebSettings::setFontSize ( FontSize type, int size )

Sets the font size for type to size.

See also fontSize().

void QWebSettings::setIconDatabasePath ( const QString & path )   [static]

Sets the path of the icon database to path. The icon database is used to store "favicons" associated with web sites.

path must point to an existing directory where the icons are stored.

Setting an empty path disables the icon database.

See also iconDatabasePath().

void QWebSettings::setMaximumPagesInCache ( int pages )   [static]

Sets the maximum number of pages to hold in the memory cache to pages.

See also maximumPagesInCache().

void QWebSettings::setObjectCacheCapacities ( int cacheMinDeadCapacity, int cacheMaxDead, int totalCapacity )   [static]

Specifies the capacities for the memory cache for dead objects such as stylesheets or scripts.

The cacheMinDeadCapacity specifies the minimum number of bytes that dead objects should consume when the cache is under pressure.

cacheMaxDead is the maximum number of bytes that dead objects should consume when the cache is not under pressure.

totalCapacity specifies the maximum number of bytes that the cache should consume overall.

The cache is enabled by default. Calling setObjectCacheCapacities(0, 0, 0) will disable the cache. Calling it with one non-zero enables it again.

void QWebSettings::setUserStyleSheetUrl ( const QUrl & location )

Specifies the location of a user stylesheet to load with every web page.

The location can be a URL or a path on the local filesystem.

See also userStyleSheetUrl().

void QWebSettings::setWebGraphic ( WebGraphic type, const QPixmap & graphic )   [static]

Sets graphic to be drawn when QtWebKit needs to draw an image of the given type.

For example, when an image cannot be loaded the pixmap specified by MissingImageGraphic is drawn instead.

See also webGraphic().

bool QWebSettings::testAttribute ( WebAttribute attribute ) const

Returns true if attribute is enabled; otherwise returns false.

QUrl QWebSettings::userStyleSheetUrl () const

Returns the location of the user stylesheet.

See also setUserStyleSheetUrl().

QPixmap QWebSettings::webGraphic ( WebGraphic type )   [static]

Returns a previously set pixmap used to draw replacement graphics of the specified type.

For example, when an image cannot be loaded the pixmap specified by MissingImageGraphic is drawn instead.

See also setWebGraphic().

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