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QWorldmap Class Reference

The QWorldmap widget displays a worldmap for time zone selection More...

    #include <QWorldmap>

Inherits QAbstractScrollArea.

Inherited by WorldmapHSWidget.

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Detailed Description

The QWorldmap widget displays a worldmap for time zone selection

The QWorldmap widget displays a worldmap for time zone selection. selectNewZone() is used to select one of the available time zones from the map.

Member Function Documentation

QWorldmap::QWorldmap ( QWidget * parent = 0 )

Creates a world map widget and attaches it to parent.

QWorldmap::~QWorldmap ()

Destroys this world map.

void QWorldmap::buttonSelected ()   [signal]

Signal that is emitted when the user selects a new time zone via the slect button used in touchscreen mode.

int QWorldmap::heightForWidth ( int w ) const   [virtual]

Determines the height of the widget for a given width w.

Reimplemented from QWidget.

bool QWorldmap::isDaylight () const

Returns true if daylight is highlighted on the map

See also QWorldmap::setDaylight().

bool QWorldmap::isReadOnly () const

Returns true if the world map is in read only mode

See also QWorldmap::setReadOnly().

bool QWorldmap::isZoom () const

Returns true if the map is currently zoomed in.

See also QWorldmap::toggleZoom().

void QWorldmap::newZone ( const QTimeZone & zone )   [signal]

Signal that is emitted when the new zone is selected from the map

void QWorldmap::select ()   [slot]

Button select slot - touchscreen only.

void QWorldmap::selectNewZone ()   [slot]

Puts the widget into time zone selection mode.

void QWorldmap::selectZoneCanceled ()   [signal]

Signal that is emitted when zone selection is canceled.

void QWorldmap::selecting ()   [signal]

Signal that is emitted when the widget enters zone selection mode

void QWorldmap::setContinuousSelect ( const bool selectMode = false )   [slot]

Sets the widget into continous time zone selection mode selectMode

touchscreen only.

void QWorldmap::setDaylight ( const bool show )   [slot]

Displays the daylight on the map if show is true.

See also QWorldmap::isDaylight().

void QWorldmap::setReadOnly ( const bool readOnly = true )   [slot]

Sets the readOnly mode for the world map. When readOnly is true the world map will not accept focus and the zoom button will be invisible.

See also isReadOnly().

void QWorldmap::setZone ( const QTimeZone & zone )   [slot]

Sets the current time zone to zone.

See also zone().

void QWorldmap::setZone ( const QPoint & pos )   [slot]

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience.

Sets the current time zone to city closest to pos.

void QWorldmap::toggleZoom ()   [slot]

Toggles the map zoom.

See also QWorldmap::isZoom().

QTimeZone QWorldmap::zone () const

Returns the current selected time zone.

See also QWorldmap::setZone() and QWorldmap::newZone().

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