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Qtopia - 4.2.1 Release Notes


The Qtopia 4.2.1 release is a maintenance release of Qtopia that is based on Qt 4.2 technology. This release provides a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, both general and Greenphone-specific.


  1. Bluetooth Bluetooth support is provided in this release only as a technology preview. When building Qtopia, Bluetooth is disabled by default, but may be enabled by specifying the -bluetooth configure switch.
  2. Calendar
  3. Clock
  4. Look and Feel
  5. Server
  6. Telephony


  1. Build System: Reduced installed Qtopia footprint by avoiding installation of non-scalable images when scalable versions are available.
  2. Contacts: Improved performance of importing from SIM card.
  3. Data Linking: Don't use (relatively expensive) rich text when not necessary.
  4. Data Linking: Improved performance of link verification.
  5. Launching: configure now provides a -force-quicklaunch switch to make all applications use the quicklauncher. This option improves launch speed for some applications at the cost of larger binary size.
  6. Painting: Improved performance on 16bpp displays by not using 32bpp background brushes and pixmaps.
  7. Painting: Improved performance by eliminating several instances of unnecessary painting.
  8. PIM: Improved performance of SQL access by moving database initialization to the quicklauncher and caching the most common queries.

Bug Fixes

  1. Appearance
  2. Beaming
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Build System
  5. Calendar
  6. Call Options
  7. Camera
  8. Categories
  9. Clock
  10. Contacts
  11. Data Linking
  12. Dialer
  13. Greenphone
  14. Input Methods
  15. Internet
  16. Look and Feel
  17. Media Player
  18. Messages
  19. Ringtones
  20. Server
  21. SIM Toolkit
  22. Software Packages
  23. Tasks
  24. Themes
  25. VoIP

Known Issues

  1. Call Options:
  2. Contacts:
  3. Greenphone:
  4. Media Player:
  5. Messages:
  6. Pictures:
  7. Rotation:
  8. Server:
  9. Touchscreen:
  10. Words:

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