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Qtopia - 4.3.3 Release Notes


The Qtopia 4.3.3 release is a patch release of Qtopia that is based on Qt 4.3 technology. The main purpose of this release is to change to using Nokia licenses for commercial packages. A small number of bug fixes are also included.

Note that for copyright reasons, we are no longer able to ship the Linux Intrusion Detection System with Qtopia. As a result of this change, the Safe eXecution Environment (SXE) is no longer enabled by default for the Greenphone.



Bug Fixes

  1. Document Management
  2. Documentation
  3. OpenMoko Neo1973/Freerunner Device
  4. Phone Simulator
  5. Qtopia Sync Agent
  6. Telephony

Known Issues

  1. Greenphone:
  2. Media Player:
  3. Messages:
  4. Neo 1973 (ficgta01 device profile)
  5. Server Widgets:

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