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ScreenClick Class Reference

The ScreenClick class enables an audible clicking sound whenever the stylus is used. More...

    #include <ScreenClick>

Inherits QObject and QtopiaServerApplication::QWSEventFilter.

Public Functions

Protected Functions

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Detailed Description

The ScreenClick class enables an audible clicking sound whenever the stylus is used.

The ScreenClick class is not a true task. Instead, a real task should derive from the ScreenClick baseclass and implement the ScreenClick::screenClick() virtual method.

For example, an implementation may look like this:

    class MyScreenClick : public ScreenClick
        virtual void screenClick(bool pressed)
            // Make click noise
    QTOPIA_TASK(MyScreenClick, MyScreenClick);

Screen clicking will only occur when the Trolltech/Sound/System/Touch configuration variable is true, otherwise ScreenClick::screenClick() will not be called. If a settings application updates this variable it should send the message "updateAudibleScreenClick()" on the "QPE/System" channel to allow the value to be reread. Creating this class automatically enables the "AudibleScreenClick" QtopiaFeature.

This class is part of the Qt Extended server and cannot be used by other Qt Extended applications.

See also KeyClick.

Member Function Documentation

ScreenClick::ScreenClick ()

Construct a new ScreenClick instance.

ScreenClick::~ScreenClick ()   [virtual]

Destroys the ScreenClick instance.

void ScreenClick::screenClick ( bool pressed )   [pure virtual protected]

Called whenever the user taps or releases the screen. pressed will be true when the user taps the screen, and false when they release.

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