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context2d.h Example File

 ** Copyright (C) 2008 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
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 ** This file is part of the example classes of the Qt Toolkit.
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 #ifndef CONTEXT2D_H
 #define CONTEXT2D_H

 #include "domimage.h"

 #include <QPainter>
 #include <QString>
 #include <QStack>
 #include <QMetaType>
 #include <QExplicitlySharedDataPointer>

 #include <qscriptengine.h>

 class CanvasGradientData;

 typedef QExplicitlySharedDataPointer<CanvasGradientData> CanvasGradient;

 class CanvasGradientData: public QSharedData
     CanvasGradientData(const QGradient &g)
         : gradient(g) {}

     const QGradient &qgradient() const
         return gradient;

     static void setup(QScriptEngine *e);

 private: // API
     static QScriptValue addColorStop(QScriptContext *, QScriptEngine *);

 public: // attributes
     QGradient gradient;


 class ImageData {

 class QContext2DCanvas;

 class Context2D : public QObject

     // compositing
     Q_PROPERTY(qreal globalAlpha READ globalAlpha WRITE setGlobalAlpha)
     Q_PROPERTY(QString globalCompositeOperation READ globalCompositeOperation WRITE setGlobalCompositeOperation)
     Q_PROPERTY(QVariant strokeStyle READ strokeStyle WRITE setStrokeStyle)
     Q_PROPERTY(QVariant fillStyle READ fillStyle WRITE setFillStyle)
     // line caps/joins
     Q_PROPERTY(qreal lineWidth READ lineWidth WRITE setLineWidth)
     Q_PROPERTY(QString lineCap READ lineCap WRITE setLineCap)
     Q_PROPERTY(QString lineJoin READ lineJoin WRITE setLineJoin)
     Q_PROPERTY(qreal miterLimit READ miterLimit WRITE setMiterLimit)
     // shadows
     Q_PROPERTY(qreal shadowOffsetX READ shadowOffsetX WRITE setShadowOffsetX)
     Q_PROPERTY(qreal shadowOffsetY READ shadowOffsetY WRITE setShadowOffsetY)
     Q_PROPERTY(qreal shadowBlur READ shadowBlur WRITE setShadowBlur)
     Q_PROPERTY(QColor shadowColor READ shadowColor WRITE setShadowColor)

     Context2D(QContext2DCanvas *parent);
     void setSize(int w, int h);

     void begin();
     const QImage &end();

     void clear();

     // compositing
     qreal globalAlpha() const; // (default 1.0)
     QString globalCompositeOperation() const; // (default over)
     QVariant strokeStyle() const; // (default black)
     QVariant fillStyle() const; // (default black)

     void setGlobalAlpha(qreal alpha);
     void setGlobalCompositeOperation(const QString &op);
     void setStrokeStyle(const QVariant &style);
     void setFillStyle(const QVariant &style);

     // line caps/joins
     qreal lineWidth() const; // (default 1)
     QString lineCap() const; // "butt", "round", "square" (default "butt")
     QString lineJoin() const; // "round", "bevel", "miter" (default "miter")
     qreal miterLimit() const; // (default 10)

     void setLineWidth(qreal w);
     void setLineCap(const QString &s);
     void setLineJoin(const QString &s);
     void setMiterLimit(qreal m);

     // shadows
     qreal shadowOffsetX() const; // (default 0)
     qreal shadowOffsetY() const; // (default 0)
     qreal shadowBlur() const; // (default 0)
     QColor shadowColor() const; // (default black)

     void setShadowOffsetX(qreal x);
     void setShadowOffsetY(qreal y);
     void setShadowBlur(qreal b);
     void setShadowColor(const QColor &c);

 public slots:
     void save(); // push state on state stack
     void restore(); // pop state stack and restore state

     void scale(qreal x, qreal y);
     void rotate(qreal angle);
     void translate(qreal x, qreal y);
     void transform(qreal m11, qreal m12, qreal m21, qreal m22,
                    qreal dx, qreal dy);
     void setTransform(qreal m11, qreal m12, qreal m21, qreal m22,
                       qreal dx, qreal dy);

     CanvasGradient createLinearGradient(qreal x0, qreal y0,
                                         qreal x1, qreal y1);
     CanvasGradient createRadialGradient(qreal x0, qreal y0,
                                         qreal r0, qreal x1,
                                         qreal y1, qreal r1);

     // rects
     void clearRect(qreal x, qreal y, qreal w, qreal h);
     void fillRect(qreal x, qreal y, qreal w, qreal h);
     void strokeRect(qreal x, qreal y, qreal w, qreal h);

     // path API
     void beginPath();
     void closePath();
     void moveTo(qreal x, qreal y);
     void lineTo(qreal x, qreal y);
     void quadraticCurveTo(qreal cpx, qreal cpy, qreal x, qreal y);
     void bezierCurveTo(qreal cp1x, qreal cp1y,
                        qreal cp2x, qreal cp2y, qreal x, qreal y);
     void arcTo(qreal x1, qreal y1, qreal x2, qreal y2, qreal radius);
     void rect(qreal x, qreal y, qreal w, qreal h);
     void arc(qreal x, qreal y, qreal radius,
              qreal startAngle, qreal endAngle,
              bool anticlockwise);
     void fill();
     void stroke();
     void clip();
     bool isPointInPath(qreal x, qreal y) const;

     // drawing images
     void drawImage(DomImage *image, qreal dx, qreal dy);
     void drawImage(DomImage *image, qreal dx, qreal dy,
                    qreal dw, qreal dh);
     void drawImage(DomImage *image, qreal sx, qreal sy,
                    qreal sw, qreal sh, qreal dx, qreal dy,
                    qreal dw, qreal dh);

     // pixel manipulation
     ImageData getImageData(qreal sx, qreal sy, qreal sw, qreal sh);
     void putImageData(ImageData image, qreal dx, qreal dy);
     QImage  m_cache;
     QPainter m_painter;
     QPainterPath m_path;
     struct State {
             : creatingShape(false)

         QMatrix      matrix;
         bool         creatingShape;
     State m_state;
     QStack<State> m_stateStack;


Copyright © 2008 Nokia Trademarks
Qt 4.4.3