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main.cpp Example File

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 #include "tetrixboard.h"

 #include <QtGui>
 #include <QtScript>
 #include <QUiLoader>

 struct QtMetaObject : private QObject
     static const QMetaObject *get()
         { return &static_cast<QtMetaObject*>(0)->staticQtMetaObject; }

 class TetrixUiLoader : public QUiLoader
     TetrixUiLoader(QObject *parent = 0)
         : QUiLoader(parent)
         { }
     virtual QWidget *createWidget(const QString &className, QWidget *parent = 0,
                                   const QString &name = QString())
         if (className == QLatin1String("TetrixBoard")) {
             QWidget *board = new TetrixBoard(parent);
             return board;
         return QUiLoader::createWidget(className, parent, name);

 static QScriptValue evaluateFile(QScriptEngine &engine, const QString &fileName)
     QFile file(fileName);
     return engine.evaluate(file.readAll(), fileName);

 int main(int argc, char *argv[])

     QApplication app(argc, argv);
     QScriptEngine engine;

     QScriptValue Qt = engine.newQMetaObject(QtMetaObject::get());
     Qt.setProperty("App", engine.newQObject(&app));
     engine.globalObject().setProperty("Qt", Qt);

     evaluateFile(engine, ":/tetrixpiece.js");
     evaluateFile(engine, ":/tetrixboard.js");
     evaluateFile(engine, ":/tetrixwindow.js");

     TetrixUiLoader loader;
     QFile uiFile(":/tetrixwindow.ui");
     QWidget *ui = loader.load(&uiFile);

     QScriptValue ctor = engine.evaluate("TetrixWindow");
     QScriptValue scriptUi = engine.newQObject(ui, QScriptEngine::ScriptOwnership);
     QScriptValue tetrix = ctor.construct(QScriptValueList() << scriptUi);

     ui->resize(550, 370);

     return app.exec();

Copyright © 2008 Nokia Trademarks
Qt 4.4.3