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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Classes

See the General Qt Requirements page for information about the versions of OpenSSL that are known to work with Qt.

Note: Due to import and export restrictions in some parts of the world, we are unable to supply the OpenSSL Toolkit with Qt packages. Developers wishing to use SSL communication in their deployed applications should either ensure that their users have the appropriate libraries installed, or they should consult a suitably qualified legal professional to ensure that applications using code from the OpenSSL project are correctly certified for import and export in relevant regions of the world.

When the QtNetwork module is built with SSL support, the library is linked against OpenSSL in a way that requires OpenSSL license compliance.

QSslCertificateConvenient API for an X509 certificate
QSslCipherRepresents an SSL cryptographic cipher
QSslConfigurationHolds the configuration and state of an SSL connection
QSslErrorSSL error
QSslKeyInterface for private and public keys
QSslSocketSSL encrypted socket for both clients and servers

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