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StandardDeviceFeatures Namespace Reference

The StandardDeviceFeatures namespace contains methods to disable the standard device feature handling. More...

    #include <StandardDeviceFeatures>


Detailed Description

The StandardDeviceFeatures namespace contains methods to disable the standard device feature handling.

The core Qt Extended sub-systems rely on various device specific status information being maintained in the value space. To ease customizability, all the simple hardware device monitoring in Qt Extended are collectively managed in one place - the StandardDeviceFeatures server task.

To customize hardware device monitoring, an integrator needs only to implement their own version and disable the default behaviour through one of the methods available in the StandardDeviceFeatures namespace.

The documentation for each of the following methods lists both what device it monitors, as well as the expected result when the device state changes. The intent is to make the task of replicating each very simple.

Function Documentation

void StandardDeviceFeatures::disableClamshellMonitor ()

The clamshell monitor is responsible monitoring when a clamshell style phone (flip phone) is opened or closed and updating the value space. The value that must be maintained is:

/Hardware/Device/ClamshellOpen - true if the clamshell is in an open state.

The default clamshell monitoring uses Qt::Key_Flip press events to indicate a closed state and Qt::Key_Flip release events to indicate an open state.

Invoking this method will disable the default clamshell monitoring.

void StandardDeviceFeatures::disableInputFeatures ()

The QtopiaFeatures class allows applications to query certain properties about the Qt Extended configuration. Based on the configured input modes, the following features are set automatically:

TouchscreenThe primary input for the device is via a touchscreen. That is, Qtopia::mousePreferred() == true.
CalibrateThe touch screen device requires calibration. This is set if Touchscreen is set.
KeyPadThe primary input for the device is via a keypad. That is, Qtopia::mousePreferred() == false.


The device integrator can override these default features by setting the Device/Input value in the defaultbuttons configuration file. The value should be a comma separated list of the features to set. If any features are specified in this manner, the automatic features above are not set.

Invoking this method will disable the setting of features automatically.

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