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Serial Device Classes

These are the public classes for Qt Extended Phone application development that are specific to serial device access.

QAtResultParser::NodeAccess to a generic value parsed from an AT command list
QAtChatCommunication with AT-command-based modems
QAtChatScriptMechanism to run pppd chat scripts
QAtResultAccess to the results of AT modem commands and unsolicited notifications
QAtResultParserSupport for parsing the response to AT modem commands and unsolicited notifications
QAtUtilsSeveral utility functions that assist with interfacing to AT-based modems
QGsm0710MultiplexerMultiplexing implementation based on 3GPP TS 07.10/27.010
QGsm0710MultiplexerServerServer-side multiplexing implementation based on 3GPP TS 07.10/27.010
QGsmCodecRepresents the text codec for the GSM 7-bit encoding of Latin-1
QMultiPortMultiplexerMultiplexing across several serial ports
QNullSerialIODeviceMultiplexerNull implementation of multiplexing
QRetryAtChatMechanism to retry an AT command until it succeeds
QSerialIODeviceThe base for all serial devices
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerBase class for serial device multiplexing on AT-based modems
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginDefines a base class for implementing multiplexing plugins
QSerialIODeviceMultiplexerPluginInterfaceDefines the interface to multiplexing plugins
QSerialPortSimple serial device interface
QAtResult::UserDataMechanism to add user data to a result object via QAtChat::chat()

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