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Telephony Classes

These classes provide interfaces to telephony.

QAdviceOfChargeAdvice of charge information about a user's phone account
QBandSelectionInterface to select a GSM band for the phone to operate on
QBinarySimFileInterface to access binary files on a SIM
QCBSMessageSpecifies the contents of a cell broadcast message
QCacheOperationReaderReads WAP Cache Operation (CO) documents
QCallBarringAccess to the call barring settings on a GSM phone
QCallForwardingAccess to the call forwarding settings on a GSM phone
QCallListInterface for recording the details of dialed, received, and missed calls
QCallListItemSpecifies information about a single dialed, received or missed call in a QCallList set
QCallSettingsAccess to auxiliary settings in a GSM phone related to calls
QCallVolumeAccess to GSM call volume control
QCellBroadcastAccess to cell broadcast messages on GSM networks according to 3GPP TS 03.41
QCommDeviceSessionFacilities to initiate a device session
QCommInterfaceFacilities for implementing client and server communications objects
QCommServiceManagerMethod to discover the active communications services and interfaces
QDialOptionsEncapsulation of options for dialing an outgoing call
QGprsNetworkRegistrationInformation about GPRS network registration
QGprsNetworkRegistrationServerServer-side support for updating the GPRS network registration state
QMessageWaitingInformation about waiting messages, usually voice mail messages
QMessageWaitingStatusStatus information about waiting messages for a particular call class and/or telephone number
QNetworkRegistrationInformation about network operators
QNetworkRegistrationServerServer-side support for updating the network registration state
QOtaCharacteristicEncapsulates characteristics from an Over-The-Air (OTA) network configuration message
QOtaCharacteristicListEncapsulates a list of characteristics from an OTA network configuration message
QOtaReaderSupport for parsing Over-The-Air (OTA) network configuration messages
QPhoneBookInterface to the SIM phone books of a device
QPhoneBookEntrySpecifies the contents of a single entry in a device's phone book
QPhoneBookLimitsSpecifies the limits of a phone book's storage capacity
QPhoneCallInterface for managing individual incoming and outgoing phone calls
QPhoneCallImplBase class for specific phone call implementations
QPhoneCallManagerAccess to the phone's call list
QPhoneCallProviderImplements a mechanism for phone call providers to hook into the telephony system
QPhoneRfFunctionalityMethod to get or set the level of RF activity on a phone
QPhoneStatusBasic status information about the phone
QPinManagerMethod for the system to query the user interface for pin values
QPinOptionsInformation about a pin that may be useful in determining the type of user interface to use
QPreferredNetworkOperatorsInformation about preferred network operators
QRecordBasedSimFileInterface to access record-based files on a SIM
QSMSMessageSpecifies the contents of an SMS message
QSMSMessagePartSpecifies a part within an SMS message
QSMSReaderAccess to the incoming SMS message store on the modem device
QSMSSenderFacilities to send SMS messages
QServiceCheckerAllows client applications to check to see if a service is valid to use
QServiceCheckerServerAllows telephony services to easily advertise their hardware failure state
QServiceIndicationReaderReads Service Indication (SI) documents
QServiceLoadingReaderReads Service Loading (SL) documents
QServiceNumbersAccess to GSM service numbers such as voice mail and SMS service center
QSimCommandSpecifies the details of a SIM toolkit command message
QSimControlEventSpecifies the contents of a
QSimEnvelopeSpecifies the contents of a SIM ENVELOPE message
QSimFilesInterface for reading and writing the files on a SIM
QSimGenericAccessInterface to send commands directly to a SIM
QSimIconReaderAccess to icons on a SIM
QSimInfoInformation about a SIM's identity
QSimMenuItemInformation about a menu item within a SIM toolkit application
QSimTerminalResponseSpecifies the contents of a SIM toolkit TERMINAL RESPONSE message
QSimToolkitInterface to SIM toolkit applications
QSupplementaryServicesAccess to structured and unstructured supplementary services within GSM networks
QTelephonyContains telephony-related enumerated type definitions
QTelephonyConfigurationAccess to configuration parameters on specific telephony services
QTelephonyServiceConvenient wrapper to create telephony services and the interfaces that they support
QTelephonyTonesAccess to a tone generator for DTMF tones and other special telephony sounds
QWbXmlReaderReads the contents of a Wireless Binary XML (WBXML) stream
QWbXmlToXmlContentHandlerAssists with converting WBXML documents into ordinary XML
QWmlReaderReads Wireless Markup Language (WML) documents
QWspDateTimeFunctions for converting between the WSP date time formats and standard date time formats
QWspFieldEncapsulation of a field name and value
QWspMultipartRepresents a collection of parts from a WSP message
QWspPartRepresents a single part within a WSP message
QWspPduDecoderFacilities for parsing WSP PDU's
QWspPduEncoderFacilities for writing WSP PDU's
QWspPushRepresents the contents of a WSP Push PDU

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