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TimeUpdateService Class Reference

The TimeUpdateService class provides the TimeUpdate service. More...

    #include <TimeUpdateService>

Inherits QtopiaAbstractService.

Public Slots

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Detailed Description

The TimeUpdateService class provides the TimeUpdate service.

The TimeUpdate service monitors time and timezone data from sources such as the modem and updates the system time and timezone accordingly.

The following settings control the automatic update:





Member Function Documentation

void TimeUpdateService::storeExternalSource ( QString sourceid, uint time, int time_zone, int dstoffset )   [slot]

Records an external time update from a source identified by sourceid. The recorded time is time (a UNIX time_t measuring UTC seconds since the start of 1970), in the given time_zone (the number of minutes east of GMT), with dstoffset minutes of daylight savings adjustment already applied to the time_zone.

This time is recorded and may be used immediately or in the future upon user request.

The sourceid is currently not used, so only one source should be enabled.

void TimeUpdateService::updateFromExternalSources ( bool autotz, bool autotm, bool ask_tz, bool ask_time )   [slot]

Analyzes the most recent external time information and updates the time zone if autotz, and the time if autotm, prompting respectively if ask_tz and ask_time. Only a single prompt is ever used, if at all.

To avoid annoying the user, changes of less than 60 seconds are applied without prompting if autotm is true.

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