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XML Classes

These classes are relevant to XML users.

QAbstractMessageHandlerCallback interface for handling messages
QAbstractUriResolverCallback interface for resolving Uniform Resource Identifiers
QAbstractXmlNodeModelAbstract base class for modeling non-XML data to look like XML for QXmlQuery
QAbstractXmlReceiverCallback interface for transforming the output of a QXmlQuery
QDomAttrRepresents one attribute of a QDomElement
QDomCDATASectionRepresents an XML CDATA section
QDomCharacterDataRepresents a generic string in the DOM
QDomCommentRepresents an XML comment
QDomDocumentRepresents an XML document
QDomDocumentFragmentTree of QDomNodes which is not usually a complete QDomDocument
QDomDocumentTypeThe representation of the DTD in the document tree
QDomElementRepresents one element in the DOM tree
QDomEntityRepresents an XML entity
QDomEntityReferenceRepresents an XML entity reference
QDomImplementationInformation about the features of the DOM implementation
QDomNamedNodeMapContains a collection of nodes that can be accessed by name
QDomNodeThe base class for all the nodes in a DOM tree
QDomNodeListList of QDomNode objects
QDomNotationRepresents an XML notation
QDomProcessingInstructionRepresents an XML processing instruction
QDomTextRepresents text data in the parsed XML document
QSimpleXmlNodeModelImplementation of QAbstractXmlNodeModel sufficient for many common cases
QSourceLocationIdentifies a location in a resource by URI, line, and column
QXmlAttributesXML attributes
QXmlContentHandlerInterface to report the logical content of XML data
QXmlDTDHandlerInterface to report DTD content of XML data
QXmlDeclHandlerInterface to report declaration content of XML data
QXmlDefaultHandlerDefault implementation of all the XML handler classes
QXmlEntityResolverInterface to resolve external entities contained in XML data
QXmlErrorHandlerInterface to report errors in XML data
QXmlFormatterImplementation of QXmlSerializer for transforming XQuery output into formatted XML
QXmlInputSourceThe input data for the QXmlReader subclasses
QXmlItemContains either an XML node or an atomic value
QXmlLexicalHandlerInterface to report the lexical content of XML data
QXmlLocatorThe XML handler classes with information about the parsing position within a file
QXmlNameRepresents the name of an XML node, in an efficient, namespace-aware way
QXmlNamePoolTable of shared strings referenced by instances of QXmlName
QXmlNamespaceSupportHelper class for XML readers which want to include namespace support
QXmlNodeModelIndexIdentifies a node in an XML node model subclassed from QAbstractXmlNodeModel
QXmlParseExceptionUsed to report errors with the QXmlErrorHandler interface
QXmlQueryPerforms XQueries on XML data, or on non-XML data modeled to look like XML
QXmlReaderInterface for XML readers (i.e. parsers)
QXmlResultItemsIterates through the results of evaluating an XQuery in QXmlQuery
QXmlSerializerImplementation of QAbstractXmlReceiver for transforming XQuery output into unformatted XML
QXmlSimpleReaderImplementation of a simple XML parser
QXmlStreamAttributeRepresents a single XML attribute
QXmlStreamAttributesRepresents a vector of QXmlStreamAttribute
QXmlStreamEntityDeclarationRepresents a DTD entity declaration
QXmlStreamEntityResolverEntity resolver for a QXmlStreamReader
QXmlStreamNamespaceDeclarationRepresents a namespace declaration
QXmlStreamNotationDeclarationRepresents a DTD notation declaration
QXmlStreamReaderFast well-formed XML parser with a simple streaming API
QXmlStreamWriterXML writer with a simple streaming API

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