A set of APIs for working with audio, video, radio and camera devices

A set of APIs for working with audio, video, radio and camera devices.

Multimedia support in Qt is provided by the Qt Multimedia module. The Qt Multimedia module provides a rich feature set that enables you to easily take advantage of a platform’s multimedia capabilities such as media playback and the use of camera and radio devices.


Here are some examples of what can be done with Qt Multimedia APIs:

  • Access raw audio devices for input and output

  • Play low latency sound effects

  • Play media files in playlists (such as compressed audio or video files)

  • Record audio and compress it

  • Tune and listen to radio stations

  • Use a camera, including viewfinder, image capture, and movie recording

  • Play 3D positional audio with Qt Audio Engine

  • Decode audio media files into memory for processing

  • Accessing video frames or audio buffers as they are played or recorded

Multimedia Components

Qt’s multimedia APIs are categorized into four main components. More information (including background information and class references) is available here:

Multimedia Recipes

For some quick recipes, look at the overviews above and consult this table:

Use case


QML Types

C++ Classes

Playing a sound effect


Playing low latency audio

audioinput , spectrum


Playing encoded audio (MP3, AAC etc)


Audio , MediaPlayer


Accessing raw audio input data

spectrum , audioinput


Recording encoded audio data



Discovering raw audio devices



Video Playback

player , qmlvideo , qmlvideofx

MediaPlayer , VideoOutput , Video

QMediaPlayer , QVideoWidget , QGraphicsVideoItem

Video Processing


MediaPlayer , VideoOutput

QMediaPlayer , QAbstractVideoSurface , QVideoFrame

Listening to the radio


Radio , RadioData

QRadioTuner , QRadioData

Accessing camera viewfinder

camera , declarative-camera

Camera , VideoOutput

QCamera , QVideoWidget , QGraphicsVideoItem

Viewfinder processing

Camera , VideoOutput

QCamera , QAbstractVideoSurface , QVideoFrame

Capturing photos

camera , declarative-camera


QCamera , QCameraImageCapture

Capturing movies

camera , declarative-camera


QCamera , QMediaRecorder

3D sound sources

Audio Engine

AudioEngine , Sound


The Qt Multimedia APIs build upon the multimedia framework of the underlying platform. This can mean that support for various codecs or containers can vary between machines, depending on what the end user has installed.

Advanced Usage

For developers wishing to access some platform specific settings, or to port the Qt Multimedia APIs to a new platform or technology, see Multimedia Backend Development .

Changes from Previous Versions

If you previously used Qt Multimedia in Qt 4, or used Qt Multimedia Kit in Qt Mobility, please see Changes in Qt Multimedia for more information on what changed, and what you might need to change when porting code.

Reference Documentation

QML Types

The QML types are accessed by using:

import QtMultimedia 5.8

The following types are accessed by using Qt Audio Engine :

import QtAudioEngine 1.1

Multimedia Classes