Qt Location C++ API

Information about the Qt Location C++ API

Information about the Qt Location C++ API

The Location API provides a library for mapping, navigation and place information.

The Qt Location API provides the developer with a set of functions to interact with maps, navigational data and places of interest. This is particularly useful when associated with current position information which can be retrieved via the QtPositioning module.

With the Maps API we can associate a position with a map in various formats supplied by a backend. Then the Places API could be used to populate places on the Map or even specify the current position as a place of interest and associate it with an icon, contact details and other information.

The following table provides links to more detailed information on sections of the Qt Location C++ API.

Maps and Navigation

Displaying maps and finding routes.


Searching for and managing points of interest.

Geoservices Plugin Implementation

Implement new geoservices and positioning plugins.

Geoservice Provider Classes

Maps and Navigation Classes

Currently it is not possible to interact with maps data via C++. The only available interface is the Maps and Navigation (QML) API.

Places Classes

Geoservices and Positioning Plugin Classes