Interface Qt

public interface Qt

The Qt namespace contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qt library.

Nested Class Summary
static class Qt.Alignment
static class Qt.AlignmentFlag
          This enum type is used to describe alignment.
static class Qt.AnchorAttribute
          An anchor has one or more of the following attributes.
static class Qt.ApplicationAttribute
          This enum describes attributes that change the behavior of application-wide features.
static class Qt.ArrowType
static class Qt.AspectRatioMode
          This enum type defines what happens to the aspect ratio when scaling an rectangle.
static class Qt.Axis
          This enum type defines three values to represent the three axes in the cartesian coordinate system.
static class Qt.BGMode
          Background mode.
static class Qt.BrushStyle
          This enum type defines the brush styles supported by Qt, i.
static class Qt.CaseSensitivity
static class Qt.CheckState
          This enum describes the state of checkable items, controls, and widgets.
static class Qt.ClipOperation
static class Qt.ConnectionType
          This enum describes the types of connection that can be used between signals and slots.
static class Qt.ContextMenuPolicy
          This enum type defines the various policies a widget can have with respect to showing a context menu.
static class Qt.Corner
          This enum type specifies a corner in a rectangle.
static class Qt.CursorShape
          This enum type defines the various cursors that can be used.
static class Qt.DateFormat
          Note. For ISODate formats, each Y, M and D represents a single digit of the year, month and day used to specify the date.
static class Qt.DayOfWeek
static class Qt.DockWidgetArea
static class Qt.DockWidgetAreas
static class Qt.DockWidgetAreaSizes
static class Qt.DropAction
          On X11 this value is used to do a move.
static class Qt.DropActions
static class Qt.EventPriority
          This enum can be used to specify event priorities.
static class Qt.FillRule
          Specifies which method should be used to fill the paths and polygons.
static class Qt.FocusPolicy
          This enum type defines the various policies a widget can have with respect to acquiring keyboard focus.
static class Qt.FocusReason
          This enum specifies why the focus changed.
static class Qt.GlobalColor