Package com.trolltech.qt.core

Core non-GUI classes used by other modules.


Interface Summary
QAbstractFactoryInterface This interface is implemented by Qt Jambi classes that are factories (after the factory design pattern).
Qt The Qt namespace contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qt library.
QtConcurrent.FilteredFunctor An implementation of this interface is given to one of QtConcurrent's filtered() methods.
QtConcurrent.MapFunctor An implemetation of this interface is given one to QtConcurrent's map() methods.
QtConcurrent.MappedFunctor Implement this interface to perform a mapped operation.
QtConcurrent.ReducedFunctor Implement this interface in order to perform a reduce operation.

Class Summary
QAbstractEventDispatcher The QAbstractEventDispatcher class provides an interface to manage Qt's event queue.
QAbstractFileEngine The QAbstractFileEngine class provides an abstraction for accessing the filesystem.
QAbstractFileEngine.Extension This enum describes the types of extensions that the file engine can support.
QAbstractFileEngine.FileFlag The permissions and types of a file, suitable for OR'ing together.
QAbstractFileEngine.FileName These values are used to request a file name in a particular format.
QAbstractFileEngine.FileOwner See also.
owner(), ownerId(), and setFileName().
QAbstractFileEngine.FileTime These are used by the fileTime() function.
QAbstractFileEngineHandler The QAbstractFileEngineHandler class provides a way to register custom file engines with your application.
QAbstractFileEngineIterator The QAbstractFileEngineIterator class provides an iterator interface for custom file engines.
QAbstractItemModel The QAbstractItemModel class provides the abstract interface for item model classes.
QAbstractListModel The QAbstractListModel class provides an abstract model that can be subclassed to create one-dimensional list models.
QBasicTimer The QBasicTimer class provides timer events for objects.
QBitArray The QBitArray class provides an array of bits.
QBuffer The QBuffer class provides a QIODevice interface for a QByteArray.
QByteArray The QByteArray class provides an array of bytes.
QByteArrayMatcher The QByteArrayMatcher class holds a sequence of bytes that can be quickly matched in a byte array.
QChildEvent The QChildEvent class contains event parameters for child object events.
QCoreApplication The QCoreApplication class provides an event loop for console Qt applications.
QCoreApplication.Encoding This enum type defines the 8-bit encoding of character string arguments to translate():
QCryptographicHash The QCryptographicHash class provides a way to generate cryptographic hashes.
QDataStream The QDataStream class provides serialization of binary data to a QIODevice.
QDataStream.Status This enum describes the current status of the data stream.
QDataStream.Version This enum provides symbolic synonyms for the data serialization format version numbers.
QDate The QDate class provides date functions.
QDate.MonthNameType This enum describes the types of the string representation used for the month name.
QDateTime The QDateTime class provides date and time functions.
QDir The QDir class provides access to directory structures and their contents.
QDir.Filter This enum describes the filtering options available to QDir; e.g.
QDir.SortFlag This enum describes the sort options available to QDir, e.g.
QDirIterator The QDirIterator class provides an iterator for directory entrylists.
QDirIterator.IteratorFlag This enum describes flags that you can combine to configure the behavior of QDirIterator.
QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent The QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent class contains event parameters for dynamic property change events.
QEvent The QEvent class is the base class of all event classes.
QEvent.Type This enum type defines the valid event types in Qt.
QEventLoop The QEventLoop class provides a means of entering and leaving an event loop.
QEventLoop.ProcessEventsFlag This enum controls the types of events processed by the processEvents() functions.
QFile The QFile class provides an interface for reading from and writing to files.
QFile.FileError This enum describes the errors that may be returned by the error() function.
QFile.MemoryMapFlags This enum describes special options that may be used by the map() function.
QFile.Permission This enum is used by the permission() function to report the permissions and ownership of a file.
QFileInfo The QFileInfo class provides system-independent file information.
QFileSystemWatcher The QFileSystemWatcher class provides an interface for monitoring files and directories for modifications.
QFSFileEngine The QFSFileEngine class implements Qt's default file engine.
QFuture The QFuture class represents the result of an asynchronous computation.
QFutureIterator The QFutureIterator class provides a Java-style const iterator for QFuture.
QFutureSynchronizer The QFutureSynchronizer class is a convenience class that simplifies QFuture synchronization.
QFutureWatcher The QFutureWatcher class allows monitoring a QFuture using signals and slots.
QIODevice The QIODevice class is the base interface class of all I/O devices in Qt.
QIODevice.OpenModeFlag This enum is used with open() to describe the mode in which a device is opened.
QLibraryInfo The QLibraryInfo class provides information about the Qt library.
QLibraryInfo.LibraryLocation This enum type is used to specify a specific location specifier.
QLocale The QLocale class converts between numbers and their string representations in various languages.
QLocale.Country This enumerated type is used to specify a country.
QLocale.FormatType This enum describes the types of format that can be used when converting QDate and QTime objects to strings.
QLocale.Language This enumerated type is used to specify a language.
QLocale.MeasurementSystem This enum defines which units are used for measurement.
QLocale.NumberOption This enum defines a set of options for number-to-string and string-to-number conversions.
QMimeData The QMimeData class provides a container for data that records information about its MIME type.
QMutex The QMutex class provides access serialization between threads.
QMutex.RecursionMode See also.
QObject The QObject class is the base class of all Qt objects.
QPersistentModelIndex The QPersistentModelIndex class is used to locate data in a data model.
QPoint The QPoint class defines a point in the plane using integer precision.
QPointF The QPointF class defines a point in the plane using floating point precision.
QProcess The QProcess class is used to start external programs and to communicate with them.
QProcess.ExitStatus This enum describes the different exit statuses of QProcess.
QProcess.ProcessChannelMode This enum describes the process channel modes of QProcess.
QProcess.ProcessError This enum describes the different types of errors that are reported by QProcess.
QProcess.ProcessState This enum describes the different states of QProcess.
QReadWriteLock The QReadWriteLock class provides read-write locking.
QReadWriteLock.RecursionMode See also.
QRect The QRect class defines a rectangle in the plane using integer precision.
QRectF The QRectF class defines a rectangle in the plane using floating point precision.
QRegExp The QRegExp class provides pattern matching using regular expressions.
QRegExp.CaretMode The CaretMode enum defines the different meanings of the caret (^) in a regular expression.
QRegExp.PatternSyntax The syntax used to interpret the meaning of the pattern.
QRunnable The QRunnable class is the base class for all runnable objects.
QSemaphore The QSemaphore class provides a general counting semaphore.
QSettings The QSettings class provides persistent platform-independent application settings.
QSettings.Format This enum type specifies the storage format used by QSettings.
QSettings.Scope This enum specifies whether settings are user-specific or shared by all users of the same system.
QSettings.Status The following status values are possible.
QSignalMapper The QSignalMapper class bundles signals from identifiable senders.
QSize The QSize class defines the size of a two-dimensional object using integer point precision.
QSizeF The QSizeF class defines the size of a two-dimensional object using floating point precision.
QSocketNotifier The QSocketNotifier class provides support for monitoring activity on a file descriptor.
QSocketNotifier.Type This enum describes the various types of events that a socket notifier can recognize.
QStringMatcher The QStringMatcher class holds a sequence of characters that can be quickly matched in a Unicode string.
QSystemLocale The QSystemLocale class can be used to finetune the system locale of the user.
QSystemLocale.QueryType Specifies the type of information queried by query().
QSystemSemaphore The QSystemSemaphore class provides a general counting system semaphore.
QSystemSemaphore.AccessMode This enum is used by the constructor and setKey().
Qt.AlignmentFlag This enum type is used to describe alignment.
Qt.AnchorAttribute An anchor has one or more of the following attributes.
Qt.ApplicationAttribute This enum describes attributes that change the behavior of application-wide features.
Qt.AspectRatioMode This enum type defines what happens to the aspect ratio when scaling an rectangle.
Qt.Axis This enum type defines three values to represent the three axes in the cartesian coordinate system.
Qt.BGMode Background mode.
Qt.BrushStyle This enum type defines the brush styles supported by Qt, i.
Qt.CheckState This enum describes the state of checkable items, controls, and widgets.
Qt.ConnectionType This enum describes the types of connection that can be used between signals and slots.
Qt.ContextMenuPolicy This enum type defines the various policies a widget can have with respect to showing a context menu.
Qt.Corner This enum type specifies a corner in a rectangle.
Qt.CursorShape This enum type defines the various cursors that can be used.
Qt.DateFormat Note. For ISODate formats, each Y, M and D represents a single digit of the year, month and day used to specify the date.
Qt.DropAction On X11 this value is used to do a move.
Qt.EventPriority This enum can be used to specify event priorities.
Qt.FillRule Specifies which method should be used to fill the paths and polygons.
Qt.FocusPolicy This enum type defines the various policies a widget can have with respect to acquiring keyboard focus.
Qt.FocusReason This enum specifies why the focus changed.