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What's New in Qt Designer 4.5

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General Changes

Widget Filter Box

  1. Displaying only icons in the Widget Box: It is now possible for the Widget Box to display icons only. Simply select Icon View from the context menu.
  2. Filter for Widget Box: A filter is now provided to quickly locate the widget you need. If you use a particular widget frequently, you can always add it to the scratch pad.
  3. Support for QButtonGroup: It is available via the context menu of a selection of QAbstractButton objects.
  4. Improved support for item widgets: The item widgets' (e.g., QListWidget, QTableWidget, and QTreeWidget) contents dialogs have been improved. You can now add translation comments and also modify the header properties.

Improved Shortcuts for the Editing Mode


Support for Embedded Design

Comboboxes to Select a Device Profile

It is now possible to specify embedded device profiles, e.g., Style, Font, Screen DPI, resolution, default font, etc., in Preferences. These settings will affect the Form Editor. The profiles will also be visible with Preview.

Related Classes

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