Class QColumnView

  extended by com.trolltech.qt.internal.QSignalEmitterInternal
      extended by com.trolltech.qt.QSignalEmitter
          extended by com.trolltech.qt.QtJambiObject
              extended by com.trolltech.qt.core.QObject
                  extended by com.trolltech.qt.gui.QWidget
                      extended by com.trolltech.qt.gui.QFrame
                          extended by com.trolltech.qt.gui.QAbstractScrollArea
                              extended by com.trolltech.qt.gui.QAbstractItemView
                                  extended by com.trolltech.qt.gui.QColumnView
All Implemented Interfaces:
QPaintDeviceInterface, QtJambiInterface

public class QColumnView
extends QAbstractItemView

The QColumnView class provides a model/view implementation of a column view. QColumnView displays a model in a number of QListViews, one for each hierarchy in the tree. This is sometimes referred to as a cascading list.

The QColumnView class is one of the Model/View Classes and is part of Qt's model/view framework.

QColumnView implements the interfaces defined by the QAbstractItemView class to allow it to display data provided by models derived from the QAbstractItemModel class.

See also:
Model/View Programming.

Nested Class Summary
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QAbstractItemView.CursorAction, QAbstractItemView.DragDropMode, QAbstractItemView.DropIndicatorPosition, QAbstractItemView.EditTrigger, QAbstractItemView.EditTriggers, QAbstractItemView.ScrollHint, QAbstractItemView.ScrollMode, QAbstractItemView.SelectionBehavior, QAbstractItemView.SelectionMode, QAbstractItemView.State
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QFrame.Shadow, QFrame.Shape, QFrame.StyleMask
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QWidget.RenderFlag, QWidget.RenderFlags
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QSignalEmitter.AbstractSignal, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal0, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal1, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal2, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal3, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal4, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal5, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal6, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal7, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal8, QSignalEmitter.PrivateSignal9, QSignalEmitter.Signal0, QSignalEmitter.Signal1, QSignalEmitter.Signal2, QSignalEmitter.Signal3, QSignalEmitter.Signal4, QSignalEmitter.Signal5, QSignalEmitter.Signal6, QSignalEmitter.Signal7, QSignalEmitter.Signal8, QSignalEmitter.Signal9
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Field Summary
 QSignalEmitter.Signal1 updatePreviewWidget
          This signal takes 1 generic argument(s).
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activated, clicked, doubleClicked, entered, pressed, viewportEntered
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Constructor Summary
          Constructs a column view with a parent to represent a model's data.
QColumnView(QWidget parent)
          Constructs a column view with a parent to represent a model's data.
Method Summary
 java.util.List columnWidths()
          Returns a list of the width of all the columns in this view.
protected  QAbstractItemView createColumn(com.trolltech.qt.core.QModelIndex rootIndex)
          To use a custom widget for the final column when you select an item overload this function and return a widget.
protected  void initializeColumn(QAbstractItemView column)
          Copies the behavior and options of the column view and applies them to the column such as the iconSize(), textElideMode() and alternatingRowColors().
 QWidget previewWidget()
          Returns the preview widget, or 0 if there is none.
 boolean resizeGripsVisible()
          This property holds the way to specify if the list views gets resize grips or not.
 void setColumnWidths(java.util.List list)
          Sets the column widths to the values given in the list.
 void setPreviewWidget(QWidget widget)
          Sets the preview widget.
 void setResizeGripsVisible(boolean visible)
          This property holds the way to specify if the list views gets resize grips or not.
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Field Detail


public final QSignalEmitter.Signal1 updatePreviewWidget

This signal takes 1 generic argument(s). We list their type and the name they go by in the description of this signal. <com.trolltech.qt.core.QModelIndex(named: index)>:

This signal is emitted when the preview widget should be updated to provide rich information about index

See also.

Constructor Detail


public QColumnView()
Constructs a column view with a parent to represent a model's data. Use setModel() to set the model.

See also:


public QColumnView(QWidget parent)
Constructs a column view with a parent to represent a model's data. Use setModel() to set the model.

See also:

Method Detail


public final java.util.List columnWidths()
Returns a list of the width of all the columns in this view.

See also:


protected final void initializeColumn(QAbstractItemView column)
Copies the behavior and options of the column view and applies them to the column such as the iconSize(), textElideMode() and alternatingRowColors(). This can be useful when reimplementing createColumn().

See also:


public final QWidget previewWidget()
Returns the preview widget, or 0 if there is none.

See also:
setPreviewWidget(), and updatePreviewWidget() .


public final boolean resizeGripsVisible()
This property holds the way to specify if the list views gets resize grips or not. By default, visible is set to true

See also:


public final void setColumnWidths(java.util.List list)
Sets the column widths to the values given in the list. Extra values in the list are kept and used when the columns are created.

If list contains too few values, only width of the rest of the columns will not be modified.

See also:
columnWidths(), and createColumn().


public final void setPreviewWidget(QWidget widget)
Sets the preview widget.

The widget becomes a child of the column view, and will be destroyed when the column area is deleted or when a new widget is set.

See also:
previewWidget(), and updatePreviewWidget() .


public final void setResizeGripsVisible(boolean visible)
This property holds the way to specify if the list views gets resize grips or not. By default, visible is set to true

See also:


protected QAbstractItemView createColumn(com.trolltech.qt.core.QModelIndex rootIndex)
To use a custom widget for the final column when you select an item overload this function and return a widget. index is the root index that will be assigned to the view.

Return the new view. QColumnView will automatically take ownership of the widget.

See also: