Classes for network programming.


Interface Summary
QSsl The QSsl namespace declares enums common to all SSL classes in QtNetwork.

Class Summary
QAbstractNetworkCache The QAbstractNetworkCache class provides the interface for cache implementations.
QAbstractSocket The QAbstractSocket class provides the base functionality common to all socket types.
QAbstractSocket.NetworkLayerProtocol This enum describes the network layer protocol values used in Qt.
QAbstractSocket.SocketError This enum describes the socket errors that can occur.
QAbstractSocket.SocketState This enum describes the different states in which a socket can be.
QAbstractSocket.SocketType This enum describes the transport layer protocol.
QAuthenticator The QAuthenticator class provides an authentication object.
QFtp The QFtp class provides an implementation of the client side of FTP protocol.
QFtp.Command This enum is used as the return value for the currentCommand() function.
QFtp.Error This enum identifies the error that occurred.
QFtp.State This enum defines the connection state.
QFtp.TransferMode FTP works with two socket connections; one for commands and another for transmitting data.
QFtp.TransferType This enum identifies the data transfer type used with get and put commands.
QHostAddress The QHostAddress class provides an IP address.
QHostInfo The QHostInfo class provides static functions for host name lookups.
QHostInfo.HostInfoError This enum describes the various errors that can occur when trying to resolve a host name.
QHttp The QHttp class provides an implementation of the HTTP protocol.
QHttp.ConnectionMode This enum is used to specify the mode of connection to use.
QHttp.Error This enum identifies the error that occurred.
QHttp.State This enum is used to specify the state the client is in.
QHttpHeader The QHttpHeader class contains header information for HTTP.
QHttpRequestHeader The QHttpRequestHeader class contains request header information for HTTP.
QHttpResponseHeader The QHttpResponseHeader class contains response header information for HTTP.
QLocalServer The QLocalServer class provides a local socket based server.
QLocalSocket The QLocalSocket class provides a local socket.
QLocalSocket.LocalSocketError The LocalServerError enumeration represents the errors that can occur.
QLocalSocket.LocalSocketState This enum describes the different states in which a socket can be.
QNetworkAccessManager The QNetworkAccessManager class allows the application to post network requests and receive replies The Network Access API is constructed around one QNetworkAccessManager object, which holds the common configuration and settings for the requests it sends.
QNetworkAccessManager.Operation Indicates the operation this reply is processing.
QNetworkAddressEntry The QNetworkAddressEntry class stores one IP address supported by a network interface, along with its associated netmask and broadcast address.
QNetworkCacheMetaData The QNetworkCacheMetaData class provides cache information.
QNetworkCookie The QNetworkCookie class holds one network cookie.
QNetworkCookie.RawForm This enum is used with the toRawForm() function to declare which form of a cookie shall be returned.
QNetworkCookieJar The QNetworkCookieJar class implements a simple jar of QNetworkCookie objects Cookies are small bits of information that stateless protocols like HTTP use to maintain some persistent information across requests.
QNetworkDiskCache The QNetworkDiskCache class provides a very basic disk cache.
QNetworkInterface The QNetworkInterface class provides a listing of the host's IP addresses and network interfaces.
QNetworkInterface.InterfaceFlag Specifies the flags associated with this network interface.
QNetworkProxy The QNetworkProxy class provides a network layer proxy.
QNetworkProxy.Capability These flags indicate the capabilities that a given proxy server supports.
QNetworkProxy.ProxyType This enum describes the types of network proxying provided in Qt.
QNetworkProxyFactory The QNetworkProxyFactory class provides fine-grained proxy selection.
QNetworkProxyQuery The QNetworkProxyQuery class is used to query the proxy settings for a socket QNetworkProxyQuery holds the details of a socket being created or request being made.
QNetworkProxyQuery.QueryType Describes the type of one QNetworkProxyQuery query.
QNetworkReply The QNetworkReply class contains the data and headers for a request posted with QNetworkAccessManager The QNetworkReply class contains the data and meta data related to a request posted with QNetworkAccessManager.
QNetworkReply.NetworkError Indicates all possible error conditions found during the processing of the request.
QNetworkRequest The QNetworkRequest class holds one request to be sent with the Network Access API.
QNetworkRequest.Attribute Attribute codes for the QNetworkRequest and QNetworkReply.
QNetworkRequest.CacheLoadControl Controls the caching mechanism of QNetworkAccessManager.
QNetworkRequest.KnownHeaders List of known header types that QNetworkRequest parses.
QSsl.AlternateNameEntryType Describes the key types for alternate name entries in QSslCertificate.
QSsl.EncodingFormat Describes supported encoding formats for certificates and keys.
QSsl.KeyAlgorithm Describes the different key algorithms supported by QSslKey.
QSsl.KeyType Describes the two types of keys QSslKey supports.
QSsl.SslProtocol Describes the protocol of the cipher.
QSslCertificate The QSslCertificate class provides a convenient API for an X509 certificate.
QSslCertificate.SubjectInfo Describes keys that you can pass to QSslCertificate::issuerInfo() or QSslCertificate::subjectInfo() to get information about the certificate issuer or subject.
QSslCipher The QSslCipher class represents an SSL cryptographic cipher.
QSslConfiguration The QSslConfiguration class holds the configuration and state of an SSL connection QSslConfiguration is used by Qt networking classes to relay information about an open SSL connection and to allow the application to control certain features of that connection.
QSslError The QSslError class provides an SSL error.
QSslError.SslError Describes all recognized errors that can occur during an SSL handshake.
QSslKey The QSslKey class provides an interface for private and public keys.
QSslSocket The QSslSocket class provides an SSL encrypted socket for both clients and servers.
QSslSocket.PeerVerifyMode Describes the peer verification modes for QSslSocket.
QSslSocket.SslMode Describes the connection modes available for QSslSocket.
QTcpServer The QTcpServer class provides a TCP-based server.
QTcpSocket The QTcpSocket class provides a TCP socket.
QUdpSocket The QUdpSocket class provides a UDP socket.
QUdpSocket.BindFlag This enum describes the different flags you can pass to modify the behavior of QUdpSocket::bind().
QUrlInfo The QUrlInfo class stores information about URLs.
QUrlInfo.PermissionSpec This enum is used by the permissions() function to report the permissions of a file.

Package Description

Classes for network programming.