Package com.trolltech.qt.opengl

OpenGL support classes.


Interface Summary
QGL The QGL namespace specifies miscellaneous identifiers used in the Qt OpenGL module.

Class Summary
QGL.FormatOption This enum specifies the format options that can be used to configure an OpenGL context.
QGLColormap The QGLColormap class is used for installing custom colormaps into QGLWidgets.
QGLContext The QGLContext class encapsulates an OpenGL rendering context.
QGLFormat The QGLFormat class specifies the display format of an OpenGL rendering context.
QGLFormat.OpenGLVersionFlag This enum describes the various OpenGL versions that are recognized by Qt.
QGLFramebufferObject The QGLFramebufferObject class encapsulates an OpenGL framebuffer object.
QGLFramebufferObject.Attachment This enum type is used to configure the depth and stencil buffers attached to the framebuffer object when it is created.
QGLPixelBuffer The QGLPixelBuffer class encapsulates an OpenGL pbuffer.
QGLWidget The QGLWidget class is a widget for rendering OpenGL graphics.

Package com.trolltech.qt.opengl Description

OpenGL support classes.